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Summary: Unlocking Outlook PST password becomes effortless with two simple methods. The native approach allows for password reset, while Kernel for Outlook Password Recovery offers a specialized tool for recovering or removing lost PST passwords. This user-friendly software supports encrypted PST files from all MS Outlook versions, making it a reliable choice for hassle-free password decryption

Securing your PST file with encryption is a commendable practice, but what do you do if you happen to forget the password? This predicament can befall users who’ve encrypted their PST files, only to later find themselves unable to recall the password needed for decryption. Fortunately, we’re here to assist you in effortlessly recovering your Outlook PST password using two simple and effective methods.

Method 1: Using the Built-In Method

There is a built-in method available to Outlook users, which is entirely free of cost. However, it’s important to note that this method allows you to change your PST password but does not facilitate decryption; it solely permits password reset. Below, we provide a detailed explanation of the entire password reset process.

  1. Open Outlook. Select PST file, then right-click and select Properties
  2. Select the Advanced option and then click OK to move advanced option
  3. Now choose Change Password option in Personal Folders dialogue box. choose change password
  4. Enter your Old password, New Password and then OK. Your password is changed.password is changed
Method 2: Automated Approach

Kernel for Outlook Password Recovery is a purpose-built tool designed to help you recover lost PST passwords efficiently. With this software, you can not only retrieve forgotten passwords but also remove passwords from encrypted PST files or set new ones. The process is straightforward, involving just three simple steps to decrypt your password, after which it will be automatically displayed.

  1. Launch the Software and use Add file button to add PST file.
  2. Launch the Software

  3. Add PST from your system hard disk then use Recover Password.Recover Password
  4. Your password is decrypted and will be displayed on the tool.password is decrypted


When it comes to decrypting your password, opting for a third-party tool is often a more convenient choice than using manual techniques. An automated tool offers you options for password removing, change and recover Outlook PST Password. This software offers a swift and dependable solution for end users, with a simple three-step process for decrypting passwords. Furthermore, it provides support for encrypted PST files created in any version of MS Outlook.

Watch Video: To View the Complete Process of the Tool


Kernel for Outlook Password Recovery