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Read time: 5 minutes

Summary: When you try to download the offline address book manually, an error code 0x80190194 prevents users from downloading or synchronizing the OAB. Major reasons for such an issue range from Invalid security (SSL) certificates to orphaned OST files. To fix this issue, you must create a new Outlook profile, rename the Outlook folder or clear the OAB folder contents. For more detailed instructions, follow our guide. We are also discussing a reliable tool, Kernel for OST to PST, any type of OST file corruption and fixing this error.

Outlook stores OAB files as the Exchange Server stores the Global Address list. An OAB file contains contact information for all Outlook users in the organization, such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. When Outlook users search for an address or run an address query, it helps reduce Exchange Server loading. Normally, OAB files are generated once every 8-24 hours.0x80190194

But, at times, users try to download the OAB files manually and get an error “Task ‘email’ reported error (0x80190194): An expected error has occurred.” displayed on their screens. To troubleshoot this common OAB error, we have researched, analyzed and compiled the best ways to counter this error instantly. Along with the reasons outlined for prevention, we advise you to go read our guide thoroughly without missing a step.

Why does the error 0x80190194 exist?

The basic reasons for error 0x80190194 are as follows.

  • Invalid SSL certificate
  • Improperly configured OAB URL
  • OST file corruption
  • Malware or virus attack
  • Corrupted Outlook profile.

Simple solutions to counter error 0x80190194

All through with the basics of the error 0x80190194, it is now time to fix it with our easy-to-follow instructions. Read below to know more in detail.

1. Create a new Outlook profile

A damaged or corrupted Outlook profile can cause the error 0x80190194. Thus, we must create a new profile now. Below are the steps to follow.

  • Close Outlook and open the Control Panel.
  • Navigate to User Accounts > Mail > Show Profiles > Add.Navigate to User Accounts
  • Type a new profile name and click on OK.Type a new profile name
  • Go through the instructions to add your email account. Tap on Next.add your email account
  • Click on Finish.Click on Finish
  • Set your new profile as default or choose the option ‘Prompt for a profile to be used’.Set your new profile as default or choose the option
  • Hit OK and close the Mail dialog box.

2. Clearing the contents of the OAB

For those still getting the 0x80190194 error, here are the instructions below to clear the Offline Address Book data files and fix it instantly.

  • Open the Run window and type up “%localappdata%/Microsoft/Outlook”.Open the Run window and type up “%localappdata%/Microsoft/Outlook”
  • Select all the files inside the Offline Address Book folder.
  • Right-click and tap on Delete.Right-click and tap on Delete
  • Restart your PC and check for the existence of the error.

3. Rename the Outlook folder

Renaming the existing Outlook folder forces the application to create a new folder. You won’t lose any data as conversations and attachments are already backed up in the cloud, but this will troubleshoot the error 0x80190194. Here is what to do.

  • Open the Run window and type up “%localappdata%”
  • Look for Folder Microsoft.
  • Search for the Outlook folder and right-click on it, tap on Rename.
  • Change the name to “Outlook.old”. Hit Enter.

Note: By adding the ‘.old’ extension, your operating system will ignore this folder and create a new one from scratch to prevent instances of OST file corruption.

Look to download the OAB file now. Your profile may be damaged or removed from the server if the error persists, or no OST file is recreated. If this happens, the OST becomes inaccessible and orphaned.

It is however possible to convert OST to PST files by using OST to PST converter software, such as Kernel for OST to PST. This tool has a range of features:

  • Converts OST files to various formats like PST, PDF, MSG, EML, RTF, TXT, HTML, and DOC.
  • Migrates OST files to platforms such as Live Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, and other IMAP servers.
  • Supports bulk conversion of large-sized OST files.
  • Provides preview mode for detailed viewing of contents.
  • Recovers and converts even encrypted OST files.
  • Allows recovery of permanently deleted items within OST files.

For detailed information and hands-on experience, go for the trial version today.


To counter such an Outlook Address Book Update Error 0x80190194, you can create a new profile, clear the OAB content or rename the Outlook folder. We hope you will be able to troubleshoot this error easily. In case all the ways fail, OST file corruption must be fixed. Thus, try our recommended automated solution, Kernel for OST to PST, and get your Outlook up and running in no time with zero errors.

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