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Summary: The IMAP protocol offers email flexibility, but Microsoft 365 boasts robust email management. To migrate from GoDaddy IMAP to Microsoft 365, compare features like storage, sharing, and security. The process involves planning, exporting data, and choosing migration methods, including Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. Alternatively, Kernel’s IMAP to Office 365 migration tool simplifies the process, allowing users to easily transfer their data to Office 365.

IMAP, or the Internet Message Access Protocol, stands out as an exceptionally versatile email protocol, affording users the invaluable ability to access their emails from virtually any device or location. The beauty of IMAP lies in its capability to store emails on a remote server, liberating users from reliance on a singular platform. Furthermore, IMAP ensures that all your email content, contacts, and folders remain seamlessly synchronized across all your devices.

However, when it comes to email management, Microsoft 365 takes the lead with the robust support of Microsoft itself. It boasts the remarkable capability to handle an unlimited number of mailboxes concurrently. So, if you find yourself considering a transition from GoDaddy IMAP to Microsoft 365, the following comparison table can help inform your decision.


Microsoft 365

Starter Email:
You get the Starter Email bundle when you purchase other GoDaddy services like website hosting, domain registration, etc.
Online Essentials:
This subscription plan offers you 50 GB of local storage along with a generous 1 TB of cloud storage on OneDrive. With this plan, you can easily share your files and access the complete suite of Microsoft Office products, including Word and Excel.
Email Essentials:
Set up your professional email using the domain you acquired from GoDaddy. Establish a robust email system complete with contacts, a calendar, and notes. Seamlessly sync your data with any email client or smartphone device for easy access on the go. Please note that your storage capacity is limited to 10 GB.
Business Premium:
Business Premium offers a comprehensive package that includes all the features of Online Essentials, while enhancing the user experience by providing access to desktop versions of Microsoft Office suite applications. This plan allows for sharing across five different devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, ensuring flexibility and productivity for your business needs.
Email Plus:
Email Plus incorporates all the benefits of Email Essentials but provides a storage space up to 50 GB.
Premium Security:
It covers all the features of the previous two plans and provides extra benefits Advanced Security and Email Archiving add-ons.


Instant Solution

Download Kernel IMAP to Office 365 migration tool to migrate IMAP mailbox data from GoDaddy to Office 365 in few simple steps.

So, if you want to migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365, then you can complete the process in multiple phases by following the below steps –

Plan the Migration

Step 1) Gather the Office 365 Administrator credentials, GoDaddy Administrator credentials, and all the user passwords.
Step 2) Go to GoDaddy website and login with Administrator credentials –

  1. Go to ‘Workspace Email’ and click the option ‘Manage All.’
  2. It will present the list of your emails. Click the ‘Export’ option.
  3. At the Export wizard, select Email from the Export drop-down, check the option ‘Select All’ to select all the properties of Email. At last, choose the option ‘CSV’ as the File Format. Click Export.
  4. After saving the CSV file, open it and create a new row at the top for following details –
    • User Name
    • Email Address
    • Password

Start the Migration from GoDaddy to Office 365

  1. Login to Office 365 Admin center, the go-to Admin Center, and click Exchange.
  2. Follow recipients>>migration.
  3. Click Add (+) and select Migrate to Exchange Online.
  4. Select the last option of ‘IMAP migration (supported by Exchange and another email system).’
  5. Click ‘Choose File’ and browse the CSV file you created for the GoDaddy email.
  6. At the ‘IMAP migration configuration‘ page, fill the details for the IMAP server (imap.secureserver.net), Authentication (Basic), Encryption (SSL), Port (993). Then click Next.
  7. Provide a name to the batch migration, select the Bad Item limit, Large Item limit, and exclude folder. Click Next.
  8. Use the Browse button and select the user(s) who will get the notification at various migration stages. Then choose the option to start the migration.
  9. After completing the prerequisites for the migration, the batch migration will start and show its status as ‘syncing.’
  10. You can click the View details link and get the current status of the batch items.
  11. Finally, when all the emails are migrated from GoDaddy to Office 365, then the status of the batch will change to synced.’

NOTE: The migration method which we covered above is suitable for migrating the email from the GoDaddy IMAP only. If you have account in Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail, then you can run a data migration also for IMAP migration in Office 365 Admin Center. So, if you have contacts and calendar in your mailbox, then you will have to migrate them separately.

There is a simple method using Outlook by which you can export your IMAP data to a PST file and later import it to Office 365 mailbox through Outlook.

  • Export IMAP to PST file
    When you are using Outlook configured with an IMAP account, then you can export the calendar/contacts at a separate PST file.

    1. Start Outlook, click File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export.
    2. Choose the option ‘Export to a file’ and click OK.
    3. Click Outlook Data File (PST), and click Next.
    4. Select any folder among calendar or contact. Check the option ‘Include Subfolder’ and click Next.
    5. Browse the folder to save the file and click Finish.

    You can run the same steps from 1-5 to create a PST file for any separate folder.

  • Configure the Office 365 account in Outlook
    1. Go to Control Panel and click Mail. Select Show Profiles and click Add.
    2. Choose the option ‘Manual Setup or additional server types.’ Click Next.
    3. Select the first option, ‘Office 365’ and provide full Office 365 email address. It will automatically add the account to Office 365.
  • Import PST to Outlook
    1. Start Outlook, click File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export.
    2. Choose ‘Import from another program or file.’
    3. Select Outlook Data File (PST). Click Next.
    4. Browse and select the PST file.
    5. After importing the contact/calendar and emails, then you can remove the older IMAP account from Outlook.
    6. After completing the whole process of migration, you can go back to the Office 365 Admin Center and delete the migration batch.

Migrate using Mozilla Thunderbird

An alternative and straightforward method for transferring GoDaddy mailboxes to Office 365 involves setting up an IMAP account within Mozilla Thunderbird. This user-friendly application simplifies the process by allowing you to effortlessly create an IMAP account and mailbox. Once your mailbox is established, you can simply select individual emails and seamlessly drag-and-drop them into your Outlook, where you’ve already set up your Office 365 account. This approach eliminates the need for intricate migration procedures and streamlines the email transfer process between these two accounts.

However, this method has its limitations, primarily being that it can only move emails. There is a significant risk of failure when performing drag-and-drop activities, and it can be challenging to move an entire mailbox simultaneously. Therefore, this approach may not be the most suitable option for managing business accounts on GoDaddy.

Migrate GoDaddy IMAP Mailboxes to Office 365 Easily

Migrating from GoDaddy to Office 365 can be a complex undertaking, requiring separate migration steps for emails and calendar/contacts. However, streamlining this process is made easier with the help of Kernel IMAP to Office 365, a user-friendly migration tool. This tool seamlessly connects to your GoDaddy IMAP mailbox and facilitates a direct transfer to Office 365. Notably, it imposes no restrictions on data migration, enabling you to seamlessly transfer your emails, contacts, calendar events, and all other folders simultaneously.

To know more about the migration, you should check the following procedure to migrate GoDaddy mailboxes data to Office 365 account.

  1. Run the software and click the Add button in the Add Source Section.In Add source section click on Add
  2. Input the User Email/Login ID and Password of your GoDaddy account, then click Add.Enter the Godaddy email id and password
  3. Now, click the Add button in the Add Destination Section.In Add Destination section click on Add
  4. Input the credentials of the Office 365 account and click the Add Button.Input the credentials of the Office 365 account
  5. Now, you can map the source IMAP mailbox with the Office 365 mailbox. Click Set Filer and Migrate.Map the source IMAP mailbox with the Office 365 mailbox
  6. Select from Mailbox, Archive mailbox, and Public folder for both source and destination account. Then click Migrate.Select mails to migrate
  7. Apply the various filters like folder selection, date filter, exclude deleted items, exclude empty folder, migrate whole hierarchy into a single folder, operation timeout for large items, skip previously migrated items, and migrate into Office 365 Group. Then click I am OK, Start Migration.Click on I am OK, Start Migration
  8. After a successful migration, you will get the successful message. Click OK.GoDaddy to Office 365 migration successful


Migrating from GoDaddy to Office 365 can be a complex process, particularly when dealing with email and calendar/contacts data, as these often need to be migrated separately. Fortunately, a straightforward solution exists in the form of the “Kernel IMAP to Office 365” migration tool.

This user-friendly tool simplifies the migration process by seamlessly accessing your GoDaddy IMAP mailbox and effortlessly transferring it to Office 365. What makes it even more appealing is that there are no restrictions on the data you can migrate. With Kernel IMAP to Office 365, you can migrate your emails, contacts, calendar events, and all other folders simultaneously, ensuring a hassle-free transition.


Q- Does the port number of IMAP accounts change for different platforms?

A- No, the port number remains same, and you can connect IMAP with any desired email platform.

Q- Can I connect mailboxes from two different IMAP servers?

A- Yes, you can connect from all the supports IMAP servers.

Q- Will the attachment migrate along with the emails?

A Yes, the attachments will also migrate. You can check them after the completion of migration.