Kernel IMAP Backup Tool

Backup IMAP mailbox emails to PST, EML, MSG, MHT, HTML, DOC, DOCX & PDF formats.

  • Backup single/multiple IMAP Server mailboxes
  • Backup IMAP data to PST, EML, MSG, MHT, HTML, DOC, DOCX & PDF formats
  • Filters IMAP mailbox data by date-type filters & folders selection options
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System Requirements

Before you start installing Kernel IMAP Backup, make sure that your computer meets the following requirements:

Supported Versions
  • Outlook PST File - Office 365/ 2019/ 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007/ 2003/ 2002/ 2000/ 98 and 97
Operating System
  • Windows OS Platforms - Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000/ 98/ NT and 95 / Windows Server 2016/ 2012/ 2008 R2/ 2008/ 2003 R2/ 2003
  • Intel® Pentium Processor compatible (x86, x64) or equivalent
Memory + Hard Disk
  • 128 MB Minimum + Minimum 50 MB of disk space

Install Kernel IMAP Backup

You have to download the installer file of Kernel IMAP Backup https://www.nucleustechnologies.com/imap-backup/ Please make sure your computer meets the system requirements and user rights for installing this software.

Perform the following steps to install Kernel IMAP Backup.

  1. Double-click the downloaded installer file to start the installation.
  2. Click "Next" to proceed to the next step.
  3. It is recommended to read the license agreement carefully before installing the software. If you agree to the license agreement and want to continue the installation, then click "I accept the agreement" and click "Next."
  4. The following screen appears, which allows you to modify the destination. If you want to modify the installation location, click "Browse" and select the desired location. Click "Next" to proceed further.
  5. Here, you can customize the location of the shortcuts folder in the Start Menu. Click "Browse" and select a different location to modify the location of the shortcuts folder in the Start Menu. Click "Next" to use the default or customized shortcuts folder.
  6. The next step displays the option to create the additional shortcuts. Check the boxes titled "Create a desktop icon" and/or "Create a Quick Launch icon" if you want. Click "Next" to proceed to the next step.
  7. Click "Install" to begin the installation procedure.
  8. When the installation process is completed successfully, the user receives the following message. Click "Finish" to complete the process. It will launch the software if you have kept the option "Launch Kernel IMAP Backup" checked.

Uninstall Kernel IMAP Backup

There can be a situation when you need to uninstall Kernel IMAP Backup. Please make sure to close the software before uninstalling it. Follow the steps below to uninstall it.

There are two ways to start the uninstallation.

  1. Go to Start → "All Programs" → "Kernel IMAP Backup," click "Uninstall Kernel IMAP Backup."
  2. Click Start → Control Panel. Launch "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs." Select "Kernel IMAP Backup" and click "Remove."
  • Following any of the above methods displays a warning message. Click "Yes" to uninstall the software. Note: If a scheduled migration job is running while uninstalling the software, you will receive a warning. Click "Yes" to stop the job and to uninstall the software.
  • When the software is removed, the following message box appears onscreen. Click "OK" to finish the process.

After following the above steps, Kernel IMAP Backup will be uninstalled successfully from your computer system. By default, the software is configured to retain the license file, behavioral data to handle source and destinations, and other settings in the program installation folder.

To remove the remaining elements, delete its program installation folder manually and then empty the Recycle Bin as well. Kindly do not remove this folder if you want to retain the license file and/or have to reinstall the same/upgraded version of the software. The default path of the program installation folder is %ProgramFiles%\Kernel IMAP Backup – for both 32-bit and 64-bit OS.


Kernel IMAP Backup

Release History

27 May 2020 Launches the latest update to Kernel IMAP Backup

KernelApps releases the latest update to Kernel IMAP Backup with the newest version of 20.5. With this update, the IMAP server connectivity has improved and mailbox folders expands smoothly. After some minor bug fixes, the tool now works more smoothly to backup IMAP mailboxes in a hassle-free manner.

30 Jan 2020 The latest version of Kernel IMAP Backup software released

KernelApps has recently launched the newest version of the Kernel IMAP Backup tool (version 20.0) with some new features. After fixing some minor bugs, the software is more efficient for IMAP backup. Also, the tool now supports Unicode email servers like 163.com. You can download the latest version from the official product page.

9 Oct 2019 The launch of Kernel IMAP Backup 19.11 with the latest updates

Kernel launches a new version of Kernel IMAP Backup 19.11 which is faster and more accurate. Now the backup process takes much less time and each IMAP message is saved with complete integrity. It supports all IMAP email clients for backup.

9 Sep 2019 Take a highly secured backup with Kernel IMAP Backup 19.8

Kernel routinely updates its software brings the most suitable changes in them. Now it has introduced the latest version of Kernel IMAP Backup 19.8 software which gives significant relief to the IMAP email users. They can take a backup of their IMAP mailboxes at a secure location, and the faster performance of the software completed the backup in minimum time.

2 Aug 2019 Launched! New Backup tool for IMAP Server Mailboxes

Kernel IMAP Backup tool is the new addition to the Kernel range of tools. The tool allows users to back up their different IMAP Server mailboxes to Outlook PST file and formats such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, HTML, etc. The new backup tool also lets users perform selective and incremental backups with the help of various filter options. The tool also facilitates bulk IMAP mailbox migration with a CSV file. And the tool and supports almost all IMAP Servers.

Download Trial Version

Download the trial version and learn more about the features of the IMAP Backup tool. It supports all IMAP email servers and allows you backup a few items without any charges. Installing and using the software is very easy.

  • Adds all IMAP email servers for backup
  • Supports all Windows versions for installation
  • Backs up 10 IMAP items per folder free
Download Trial

Purchase Software

Use the Kernel IMAP Backup tool with all its features and functionalities by purchasing its license. The full version allows you backup all IMAP server mailboxes completely and accurately. It has no saving restrictions or limitations.

  • Backs up all major IMAP email servers
  • Supports G Mail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com, etc.
  • Saves IMAP emails in multiple formats like PST
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Kernel IMAP Backup - How to backup Yahoo emails to PC?

Ways to Backup Yahoo Mail to PC

Now, we will be discussing the easiest ways to export your Yahoo emails. In order to do so, you need to download the Yahoo mails to the local folder of your PC. Yahoo offers IMAP access option so that you can access your Yahoo emails from a third-party application. Two primary methods are listed below in detail:

1. Export Using Microsoft Outlook

2. Kernel IMAP Backup

Method #1: Export Using Microsoft Outlook

Before actually adding the Yahoo email account to your Outlook desktop client, one needs to prepare their Yahoo account.

Prepare your Yahoo Account: Generate App Password for a Third-Party App

  • In Yahoo mail, click on your account picture and click on Account info.
  • Select Account Security from the left pane. Select Manage app passwords.
  • This should open up a popup window. Next, select Outlook desktop and click Generate.
  • This will generate an App password which will be later used when adding Yahoo mail account to the Outlook desktop client. Copy the password and hit Done.

Configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook 2019/2016/Office 365

  • In Outlook, go to the File. Click on the Add Account button.
  • Enter your Yahoo email account and click on the Connect button.
  • Enter the earlier generated App password in the Password section and click on Connect.
  • Click Done.
  • Open the Outlook desktop client; then, you should see Yahoo Mail in Outlook configured successfully.
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Kernel IMAP Backup - How to backup IMAP emails using MS Outlook?

Backup IMAP Data from Outlook

When you configure Outlook with an IMAP account, it stores a local copy of IMAP mailboxes in OST format, and with the help of this file, users can continue working on their mailboxes. But, if this OST file gets corrupt or removed accidentally, you wouldn’t be able to access the IMAP data without establishing a connection with the mailing server. So, it’s necessary to continuously backup your IMAP data.

Here we have mentioned some methods which you can use to backup IMAP mailboxes in Outlook.

Manual Method to Backup IMAP Account Configured with Outlook

One of the fastest methods to backup IMAP emails is to use the “Import/Export” option of Outlook 2013/2016. With the help of import/export wizard, an OST file can easily be converted to PST format. Follow the below steps to understand the process:

  • Open Outlook 2013/2016 and go to the File tab.
  • Now, select Open & Export and click Import/Export.
  • The Import and Export Wizard will appear on the screen. Select Export to a file and click Next.
  • Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next.
  • Now, select the IMAP folder you want to backup and click Next.
    Note: With this method, you can backup only one mailbox at a time
  • Select the location where you want to save this file and click Finish.

This way you can easily backup IMAP mailboxes manually. But there are some complications with the manual methods, such as you can lose your data if an error occurs. So, it’s better to choose an alternative way to backup IMAP mailboxes.

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Kernel IMAP Backup - 3 Simple Methods to Save IMAP Data to PST

Methods to Save IMAP Mailbox Data in PST

To save IMAP data in Outlook PST files, we can try the following methods.

  • Import and Export Method
  • Change IMAP Settings to POP3
  • Use a third-party tool to export IMAP data to PST

Any of these methods can be used to save IMAP mailbox data to Outlook PST file as a backup.

1. Import and Export Method

This is the method in which user backup IMAP mailboxes using Outlook application. Follow the process – In Outlook, there is an Import and Export feature (File > Open & Export > Import/Export) using which you can export IMAP mailbox data to Outlook PST file with the Export to a file option. You need to choose Outlook Data File (.pst) as the saving format. But the limitation is that you can move only one mailbox at a time to PST file.

2. Change IMAP Settings to POP3

This method involves changing the Outlook account settings from IMAP to POP3. You can modify the account manually using the correct server settings. After this change, your IMAP data will automatically be saved in PST files.

3. Use a Third Party Tool to Export IMAP Data to PST

As we know, manual solutions come for free but with some limitations such as restrictions to file size, choice of mailbox items, complexity, process duration, etc. Meanwhile, professional tools like Kernel IMAP Backup software allow backup of variety of IMAP servers to Outlook PST file in an organized and safe manner. It can back up emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, etc. in one go, that too after filtering for specific items (for that, we have many filter options). I hope you will understand it better with the working of the tool (please note that the steps are given in brief only).

  1. Just add your IMAP Server account with the login credentials (you can add multiple mailboxes from your IMAP Server account as well). Once added, click Set Filter and Migrate option to move further.
  2. Apply filters (Folder Review, Date Filter /Exclude empty/Exclude deleted folder, Skip previously migrated items, etc.) as per your requirements and then click Migrate. It will ask the file format for saving the data. Select PST and click OK.
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Kernel IMAP Backup - Backup Hotmail Emails to Computer Easily

Kernel IMAP Backup – A Hotmail Backup Tool

We suggest Kernel IMAP Backup to take a backup of almost any IMAP Server account data to the local drives. This recommendation is based on the intelligent features integrated with the software and the user-friendly interface of the tool.

The important features of Kernel IMAP Backup software are:

  • Allows backup of single as well multiple IMAP mailboxes
  • Supports bulk migration of mailboxes with a CSV file
  • Filters and options for easy selection of mailboxes data
  • Provision of incremental backup to avoid duplication
  • Backup to different file formats – PST, EML, MSG, MHT, HTML, DOC, DOCX, PDF
  • Works on all Windows Operating System versions
  • A free trial version which backup 10 items per folder
Backup Hotmail (Outlook.com) Emails with Kernel IMAP Backup Tool

Go to the software website and download the trial version on your Windows system. Then install the application. Further, follow these steps to carry out the backup of emails from the Hotmail (now Outlook.com) web-based client easily.

  1. Open the Kernel IMAP Backup tool on your system. Click on the Add button on the home screen to add the source Hotmail or Outlook.com IMAP account.
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