If you want to migrate your NSF file data to Office 365, then follow these steps:
  1. Launch the software and add local NSF files or Domino Server NSF files with the given Add option
  2. Next, preview the selected NSF file items one by one
  3. Add the Office 365 account credentials to add it as the target
  4. Apply different filter options – Date Range, Item Type, Folder filters, etc
  5. Select the saving format and start the migration process
  6. The migration is in progress will get completed soon
You need to have SmartCloud Notes configured in your Notes email client. Then you can search and select SmartCloud Notes Server, choose the NSF files (of SmartCloud Notes user mailboxes) and add in tool to migrate the NSF data of each user to the respective Office 365 user’s mailbox.
Yes, of course. With this tool, you can migrate NSF data to Office 365 user mailbox, archive mailbox, and public folder.
While you migrate Domino files to Office 365 mailboxes, you certainly do not require shutting down server. In fact, it is important that the Domino server should be up and must be in a good functioning mode.
Definitely, with this software you can carry out the migration of selective items. Notes to Office 365 migration tool facilitates you with filtration criteria, which allowing you to set Date Range along with the items categories like mails, contacts, calendars and tasks.
Yes, but you have to assign rights to the user mailbox before migration. You have an option in the software to assign Impersonation Rights to the user mailbox. If you prefer to do it manually, the software provides a website link to learn how to provide Impersonation rights manually using PowerShell commands.
Yes, this tool includes a filter namely Do not move duplicate items, by selecting which users can skip the duplicate items from migration.
The filter/selection options available in this tool are:
  • Set Date Range – To set a date range to filter the items for migration
  • Do not allow duplicate items – To skip all the duplicate items from migration
  • Select Categories – To select the desired categories
  • Folder Filters – To skip folder name ‘All’ and ‘Hidden Views and Folders’
  • Folder mapping – To map source and destination folders
  • Exclude/Include folders – To exclude or include the folders by name
  • Mark all messages as unread/read – To mark all messages for migration as read or unread