The software is quite easy to use. We are providing you the backup process for a single mailbox:
  1. Start the software and click the Add button.
  2. Input the service account’s email ID, service account ID, and the P 12 key that you have created for the account.
  3. Choose Single Mailbox option. Then click Add.
  4. The G Suite account is selected. Click Set Filter and Migrate button.
  5. Among the available filter options, choose the suitable ones, and click I am OK, Start Migration.
  6. There are 8 output formats available as your backup options. Choose any one and click OK.
  7. Select the location. Then click OK.
  8. Once the backup is over, it will show the message that Process is completed. Click OK.
  9. Finally, you can save the report in the CSV format.
The filter page of the software offers Date filter, Folder selection, Item selection, option to save the mailbox hierarchy in a single folder, and the option to skip previously migrated items.
The tool supports the backup of encrypted emails. The emails will have the same encryption level during the backup.
If you have taken the backup of the same mailbox earlier, then you need not worry about the size of the backup file because our tool has a unique option where you can skip the previously migrated items. In incremental migration, only the new data will be backed up, and already backed up items will not be backed up again.
Can I backup only the Google Drive data, excluding other apps from the G Suite account?
Our tool is one of the fastest backup tools for the G Suite backup. It not only supports all the apps present in G Suite but also takes the backup in minimum time. You can use the trial version of the software, to test the efficiency of the tool.
The CSV file helps reduce the number of steps required when you want to take the backup of multiple mailboxes. You can download a sample CSV file, input it with the required details, and import it back into the tool. Another benefit of the CSV file is that you can use it multiple times while taking the backup.
To take the backup of the multiple accounts, the tool creates multiple output files also. The name of the output files will be the same as that of the selected accounts.
Our tool backups up all the folders in the mailbox. It will also include the user-defined folders that you have created.
The tool requires the G Suite Account Login email ID, the Service Account ID, and P 12 Key. The P 12 key will help the tool to connect to your mailboxes.
A Service account is a special account for use in Google API programming. The Service account creates a key for your application to access the account without additional authentication. You will need the P 12 key to connect our tool with the service account.
A Super Administrator has great control over the Google cloud resources. It has irrevocable administrative permissions that can control the google apps like Docs, Sheets, Drive, user mailboxes, etc. A super administrator can also create a service account that has the authority to access other Google apps. When you want to take a backup of multiple accounts, then you need the Super Administrator account ID to access the accounts of all the users.
The tool can backup Contacts and Calendar/Appointments only if the API is enabled for them. To enable API,
  • Go to go to -
  • Go to your domain and make sure that the new/existing project has the required API enabled.