How to Save OST Emails to PDF?

Outlook which has been developed by Microsoft is the leading and most productive personal information manager application. It allows the users to connect, organize and get things done with its wide range of features which incudes- send, receive & manage emails, track events & applications, voice-controlled navigation, assistance and much more. All these are backed by a high level of privacy and security features. Due to the same, Outlook file formats are not easily accessible beyond the platform itself. MS Outlook extensively uses PST and OST file formats to store all the information. These file formats can be saved into another one including OST to PDF, OST to Live Exchange Server, MBOX etc. To view the data outside Outlook, the file must be exported to a more accessible format and hence, in this article we will be discussing how to save OST file to PDF.

Know the file formats more:

OST file format: The Offline Outlook Data file or OST is an offline file that keeps a downloaded copy of the mailbox to avoid interruptions in the user’s work in case of low or no internet connectivity.

PDF file format: As the name suggests, the Portable Document Format, commonly known as the PDF file, is independent of any particular application, device, and operating system. It was developed by Adobe to securely present documents.

What is the need to save OST files to PDF?

There are multiple reasons why users need to save OST files to a more accessible format like PDF. Some of the prime reasons have been mentioned below-

  • Convenient for users Due to platform independence, it can be easily viewed from any platform, application, device, or operating system. PDF files can be easily created and viewed by everyone.
  • Security and privacy Now, PDF can be protected via passwords to keep the files secure from anybody accessing it. Only those who have the password can view the files.
  • Compact file size PDF can be compressed into a suitable file size that is convenient to share and transfer. It is usually smaller than any other file format.
  • Easily readable

    Anyone can easily open and view PDF files. So, it is suitable for all kinds of users.

Effortless method to save OST files to PDF format

There might be a few online tools that would help you in saving OST files into PDF files but do maintain a distance from them. Here, you are dealing with confidential information which needs to be converted securely. It is recommended to opt for a professional tool that converts into the PDF format and maintains the integrity of the data until the end. One such tool is the Kernel for OST to PST Converter software which fulfills all the requirements.

What makes it a unique solution?

  • The tool can save OST files into various formats including OST to MBOX, PDF, HTML, PST, MSG, DBX, TXT, MHTML etc.

  • It is capable of recovering corrupt or inaccessible OST files.
  • An entire detailed preview of all the mailbox items is presented.
  • It allows the users to even look for a specific message with the help of its ‘Find’ feature.
  • It is supported well by all Outlook versions.

How to convert the OST emails to PDF format by using the tool?

Convert all the OST files to PDF format using this simple procedure-

  • Install the software on your system. OST to PST software
  • Click on ‘Browse’ to add single or multiple OST files for conversion. Then click on ‘Next.’ add single or multiple OST
  • A detailed preview of all items will be displayed. preview of all items
  • Right-click on the item you want to convert and select ‘Save as PDF.’ Save as PDF
  • To save the entire OST mailbox, click on ‘PDF file’ present on the right panel of the tool. save the entire OST mailbox
  • A new window will be displayed. Click on ‘PDF’ and then ‘Next.’ display pdf file
  • You can even filter the data according to sender, receiver, subject, folder name, item type, and date. Select ‘Next.’  filter the data
  • Click on ‘Browse’ to provide a path to save the new PDF file, and click on ‘Finish.’ Finish the process
  • The conversion will be completed successfully.


OST files save a downloaded copy of the Outlook mailbox items, but it is difficult to access them without Outlook. So, there is the need for a file format that is more accessible to the users, and one such format is the PDF file format. The safest method to save an OST file into a PDF is by using a professional tool. The tool can effortlessly convert the file format while maintaining the quality and confidentiality of the data.

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