Does Kernel for Outlook PST Repair resize the PST file to a manageable size?

Certainly. The Outlook PST recovery tool offers a valuable feature that allows you to efficiently resize your PST file, ensuring it remains at a manageable size. Within the Manage Recovery PST dialogue box, you will find the PST splitting feature, which enables you to save your mailbox items into multiple PST files. This convenient option streamlines your email management process.

save the mailbox items to multiple PST files

In this dialogue box, there is a PST Split option - Do not split file or Split file after gb

  • The Do not split file option lets you save the recovered PST file as a single file.
  • The second option provides significant advantages for effectively managing large PST files. It allows you to divide your sizable PST file into multiple smaller ones by implementing size-based splitting. For example, you can choose to split it into segments after reaching specific thresholds, such as 1GB, 1.5GB, 2GB, 2.5GB, 3GB, 3.5GB, 4GB, or even 5GB. This approach facilitates more efficient organization and accessibility of your data.

Thus, PST file can be resized for sure using Kernel Outlook PST Repair tool.


  1. The large size of PST file was making it tough to work on Outlook as it was slowing down. The article helped me in checking the PST file size to make Outlook faster.

  1. After dividing the PST in to multiple files, I imported them into different Outlook mailboxes that were associated with my team members.

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