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If you ever try to convert an OST file to a PDF file, chances are you’ll be left scratching your head at the lack of a direct manual method. It can be frustrating trying to find a straightforward way to do it. But there is a solution: a professional third-party tool that makes the process quick & easy.

As someone who has worked with OST & PDF files extensively, I have experimented with different approaches to converting OST files to PDF, & I can assure you that this professional third-party tool is the fastest & most dependable method available. Today, I will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to use the most reliable third-party tool to convert OST to PDF files.

Reasons for OST to PDF file conversion

There are several reasons why one may need to convert OST to PDF file format. Here are a few of them:

  • Ensure document security: PDF files come with advanced security features that protect data from unauthorized access & makes it a popular choice for converting OST files.
  • Compress OST files: PDF files have a smaller file size compared to growing, accumulating data & oversized OST files, so they are easier to share via email.
  • Maintains formatting consistency: PDF files preserve formatting, layout & the document looks the same on any device. You can even easily extract layout and content from PDF files.
  • Access file on devices without Outlook: Since PDF files are accessible from any device, they are versatile file formats.
  • Create an archive of data: PDF files are ideal for archiving data & converting OST to PDF enables one to preserve data for future use.
Best solution for OST to PDF conversion: reliable OST to PDF converter

When we talk about converting OST to PDF, you need a reliable & efficient solution like Kernel Email to PDF Converter. This powerful tool is designed to convert OST & PST files from any version of MS Outlook. With its ability to convert multiple files at once, this converter can streamline your email to PDF conversion process & counter any OST file corruption issues too.

Also, the software has a dedicated filter selection facility that enables you to filter out unwanted emails & save the resultant PDF files to a user-defined location. What’s more, this OST to PDF Converter provides a range of output formats, including PDF, MSG, DOC, EML, HTML, etc. & gives you even more flexibility.

How to use the OST to PDF converter?

After knowing the basics of this top-quality OST to PDF converter software, we will help you out to convert OST to PDF successfully below. Follow our step-by-step instructions carefully.

  • Open the converter and tap on the “+” sign on the home dashboard to add your preferred OST File.add your preferred OST file
  • Browse for the OST file that you wish to convert to PDF.Browse for the OST file
  • In the next window, you will see the preview of your selected file. Tap on Set Filter and Convert to proceed.Tap on Set Filter
  • You can apply different filters for your conversion including Date Filters, Item Type Filters, etc. Click on Start Conversion to begin.Click on Start Conversion to begin
  • Select the Output type as PDF and select your preferred File Naming Convention. Select the destination path and click on on OK
  • The OST to PDF conversion process will begin and it takes a few seconds to get a successful conversion.OST to PDF conversion
  • Lastly, you will receive a pop-up saying, “Saving process completed successfully” and check for the PDF file in your saved selected destination path.selected destination path

Winding up

As a recap, we have discussed how to convert OST to PDF file in this blog. We saw that there is no manual solution for OST conversion & the only way to convert OST to PDF files is by using a proficient converter tool like Kernel Email to PDF Converter. It allows you to perform the OST to PDF exchange hassle-free, with maximum precision & accuracy.

Moreover, the user-friendly graphical interface makes it simple for even novice users. Thus, this renowned software can help make your work more efficient & save you both time & effort when performing email data conversions. With its advanced features, it gives you a better result than many other similar software available in the market.

Q. How to save an Outlook message as a PDF file?

A. To save the Outlook message as pdf, here are the steps to follow.

  • Select the Outlook message. Go to the File menu and tap on Print.
  • Within the Printer drop-down menu, select the option Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • Next, select Print.
  • From the Save Print Output As section, select a folder for the PDF & give a filename. Tap on Save.
Q. Can Outlook send the PDF files?

A. Access Outlook & click on the inside of the body of an email message or an event. Navigate to Create from File & tap on Browse. Next, Browse to the . pdf file you wish to insert & hit the Open option.

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