Import PST to Gmail? Why? How?

MS Outlook uses the PST format. It is one of the most widely used communication managers for personal and corporate uses because of its rich functionalities for scheduling and coordination.

Gmail is very well-known to us, it can well be assumed that if not all, most people have Gmail accounts. The following write-up is dedicated to what PST and Gmail are and why one need to convert or import PST files to Gmail. The write-up further explains the procedures involved in such import of PST files to Gmail. In this world of developing Digitalization, emails have become an unquestionable part of communication. Two of the most important email clients today are Outlook and Gmail. MS Outlook has MS Office Suite, and its email data is stored in two different file formats, namely PST and OST; in Windows.

Instant Solution

Download Kernel Import PST to Gmail, an automated tool to import PST files to Gmail and other IMAP accounts like AOL, Thunderbird, Yahoo Mail,, etc. without any error.

Reasons for The Import

But why Import PST to Gmail? Well, Converting PST files to Gmail, has its own perks. The benefits of this conversion are being enumerated in the following points:

  • Google used to provide generous free storage and expand its size.
  • With just one Gmail account, one can sign in to plenty of apps at a click.
  • The system includes a chat messenger with stickers.
  • The interface and folder structure is intuitive, which makes management simple.
  • The data is synced instantly across all devices and OS, including Windows and Mac.
  • One can easily download contacts and set regular archiving.
  • The recovery procedure is quick by using the phone number or choosing another simple method.
  • Gmail is also a highly secure platform.

Having described in detail the reasons for importing PST to Gmail, it is time we see how the conversion works.

How to Import PST to Gmail?

  1. Manual Method to Import PST to Gmail
  2. Using Kernel Import PST to Gmail

  1. Manual Method to Import PST to Gmail

    Manually, this may be done in two steps if you haven’t configured your Outlook yet.

    Step 1: Modify your Gmail settings

    • Log-in to your Gmail account.
    • Click on the gear on the top-right. Click on the gear on the top-right
    • Click Settings.
      Click on Setting
    • Under Settings, click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP
    • In the IMAP Access section, Enable IMAP. Enable IMAP
    • Click Save Changes. Save Changes
    • Open URL – Select Turn On option for less secure apps. Turn On option for less secure apps

    Step 2: Configuring Gmail in Outlook

    Having done that, it is now time we tell you how to configure your Gmail with Outlook. If you have Office 365, launch your Outlook and do the following:

    • Go to File >> Click on Add Account. Click on add account
    • Enter your Email ID and click Connect. Enter Email ID
    • Enter the password and click Connect again. Enter Password

    Outlook will notify you about the successful configuration of your Gmail account. Click Done to finish the process.
    Configuring Gmail in Outlook is done

    And you’ve managed to configure your email account.

    Although the manual method has its own perks, these methods might at times be unresponsive or might not produce the desired effects. This necessitates the usage of a tool or a software to help in moving PST files to Gmail mechanically. To help in this, the Import PST to Gmail tool by Kernel does come in handy. It’s easily available and easy to use. Plus, it has several benefits.

  2. Using Kernel Import PST to Gmail

    The tool has the following benefits:

    • Imports healthy PST/OST files to Gmail in simple steps.
    • Imports PST files even if they are very large in size.
    • Imports deleted PST emails to Gmail without errors.
    • Imports selective PST files emails using intelligent filters and options
    • Saves PST emails to other webmails like IMAP enabled Servers like, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

    Following are the steps to import PST emails to Gmail using Kernel Import PST to Gmail.

    Download Software

    Step 1: Open Kernel Import PST to Gmail. Under Add Source section, click Add to add the PST file for import.

    Launch Import PST to Gmail

    Step 2: Browse the PST file from the system drive and click Open to add it.

    Browse the PST file from the system Note: You can add as many PST files as you want for import.


    Step 3: Click Add under Add Destination section to add the Gmail account as a destination.

    Add Gmail account

    Step 4: Provide your Gmail account Server name (, username, password, etc. Click Add to add it. The port number is automatically selected.

    Provide your Gmail account Server name Note: If you are unable in to login to Gmail with your password, then you need to enable 2-step verification and create an App password for this Gmail ID from the Google account for logging in to the software.


    Step 5: Now, map the added Gmail account against the source PST file. Click Set Filter and Migrate option to continue.

    Map the added Gmail account against source PST File

    Step 6: Apply desired filters to save specific data from your PST. Then, click on I am OK, Start Migration option.

    Apply desired filters to save specific data

    Step 7: The import process will get started. You can view the live progress of the PST data migration to your Gmail account. Wait until it gets completed.

    Progress of the PST data migration to Gmail account started

    Step 8: The import will get completed and displays a completion message. Click OK. You can save this import report to the CSV file using the given option.

    Import PST to Gmail process completed


Importing your Outlook PST files to Gmail will help in many ways. There are fewer chances of problems in Gmail. Although manual methods to import PST to Gmail are easy, there might always be a chance of glitches. It is, therefore, best for you to use a more automated approach that Kernel has been providing via Import PST to Gmail tool. The best part is that the tool also allows importing PST files to many other IMAP mail server platforms.

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