How To Activate kernel Video Repair Tool Full Version

Benefits of Activating Kernel Video Repair Full Version

Videos are great for entertainment, engagement, and knowledge. However, they can also be tricky and complicated to handle if any error occurs. While playing a video on your system, you may face different types of problems and errors. Some of these errors are easily curable with a few tricks, hacks or manual methods, while others need serious attention eithaer by a professional person or a tool. Let’s know what those errors and issues could be and how we can solve them.

Errors and issues, you may face with a video file

  • Unsynchronized audio and video in the file
  • No sound in the video
  • Black/white screen appears
  • Patchy/blur playback
  • Video gets slow while playing
  • Crashing/freezing of video
  • Error code 0xc00d36c4
  • Error 2048, which won’t let you open the video file
  • Video not playing after a fixed duration
  • Video stops playing in mid

Why Do Video Errors Occur?

  • Invalid or Incompatible Codec
  • Media Player Incompatibility
  • Improper Export Settings
  • Expired Version of Graphics Drivers
  • Wrong Value Settings in Registry
  • Insufficient System Capacity
  • Virus Attacks
  • Broken/Corrupt video file
  • Interruption while Copying or Transferring video

These are few of the many errors you may face with a video file, but to these many listed and unlisted errors, there is one perfect solution - Kernel Video Repair Tool. It is such an all-rounder tool that can help fixing various video file related issues. This tool requires no additional specifications apart from your system’s basic specifications and comes with a user-friendly interface.

Kernel Video Repair- Trial Version and Its Limitations

Kernel Video Repair comes with a trial version, which is totally free and can fix errors in the video file. The trial version can fix all sorts of errors in a video file, including the errors mentioned above. The tool can repair all sort of video formats, and it supports all versions of Windows OS.

Although the trial version can work in every case and for every error, it saves the repaired file for upto 30 seconds only. The tool will scan the error, fix it, and saves the repaired file at the defined location. If you just wanted to fix the video and watch it play for some seconds the trial version is the best suitable option for you. But if you want to proceed for saving the complete video you need to activate the full version of the tool.

Kernel Video Repair Full Version - How to Activate It?

Kernel Video Repair Tool Full Version is the upgraded and the paid version of the tool. This advanced tool comes with the saving feature that lets you save the complete recovered video files on your system at the desired location. If you have already tried the trial version of the tool and are happy with the results, then go for the full version of the tool. So, how are you going to activate the Full Version of the tool? Let’s discuss it below:

To activate the tool, first, go to the tool’s page on the Kernel’s website, or follow this link to get landed directly on the tool’s page -

1- Once you are on the tool’s page, click on the Buy Online option.


Click on the Buy Online option in the Trial Version of the Tool.

click on the Buy Online option


2- Now on the Buy page, select the desired license option, select the period and click on Buy Now option.

3- Now, enter the details of the tool in each column, and click on Proceed for Activation.


Activate Kernel Video Repair Tool


  1. After reading this I rushed to activate and try the tool; the tool works so well and the results were better than my expectation. The tool is built very well and it is very easy to understand.

  1. I am impressed by how everything has been explained here so well about activating the tool. The process is exactly the same as it is described here. I recommend this tool to everyone.

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