How to migrate Microsoft Teams to a new tenant?

Microsoft Teams is one of the many professional applications that a business gets in an Office 365 Business and Enterprise subscription. While looking closely, one can see that Microsoft Teams overcomes many limitations of simple chat programs. A user can create a new Team and add members to it. These members Read more

Migrate OneDrive (Personal) to OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, & SharePoint

This page is specially drafted for users seeking OneDrive (Personal) data migration to different destinations, including OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, and SharePoint (on-premises or Online). We are introducing the best migrator tool for performing all these migrations from a single console. Here, we show migrating OneDrive (Personal) data to OneDrive for Business, Google Read more

Way to Migrate Office 365 to SharePoint On-premises

Though SharePoint Online is a popular platform with many advanced facilities, many organizations, after using it for some time, switch over to the on-premises SharePoint. The ease of meeting compliances, better data security, total control over the infrastructure, etc. are some advantages of SharePoint on-premises over SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online sometimes stumbles because of slow Read more

Migrate List/Library from SharePoint with Kernel Migrator for SharePoint

Every individual wants to take benefit from the new features of SharePoint, and that’s why they prefer to migrate their data to the newest version. You can use manual methods to migrate data from one SharePoint server to another. But, when it comes to migrating list/libraries, there are not enough manual methods for it. Some of the manual methods are mentioned Read more

SharePoint Tenant to Tenant Migration Simplified

Migration of SharePoint data from one SharePoint tenant to another is essential when there is a merger or acquisition between two organizations. Many Office 365 administrators find that the migration of Exchange data relatively easy as compared to the migration of SharePoint data. This is because of the complexity of SharePoint environment and absence of simple native Read more

How to Migrate SharePoint Documents?

MS SharePoint is one of the most popular enterprise-level content management systems available for effective management of documents and collaborative working. With integration to OneDrive, it proves to be the most reliable storehouse for document storage and sharing. Owing to its ease of use and facilities, many organizations are moving their documents to SharePoint form file servers and Read more

Exchange Public Folder to SharePoint Migration – How to Do?

Before going in to the details of public folder to SharePoint migration, it is crucial to know about public folders, SharePoint, and a SharePoint migration tool like Kernel Migrator for SharePoint. Kernel Migrator for SharePoint may reduce your anxiety related to any SharePoint migration and give you a powerful option for the migration of public folder. Read more

How can I migrate data in bulk to SharePoint Online?

When we talk about managing documents on hundreds of computers scattered in different teams and department of an organization, it seems chaos. Sharepoint Online saves you from such chaos and brings efficiency and order in document management. It is a highly useful platform for such organizations which must deal with a large number of documents whether online or offline. You can easily Read more

How to Synchronize OneDrive for Business to Your Windows PC?

OneDrive for Business offered by Microsoft is an effective and easy-to-use cloud storage platform, especially for businesses. It provides advanced enterprise-level features in all subscription plans helping organizations to meet their storage requirements without any investment. Alternately, you can use a professional like Kernel Migrator for SharePoint to Read more

How to Migrate Data from OneDrive for Business to OneDrive for Business?

We are introducing the best migrator tool for performing OneDrive for Business to OneDrive for Business migration. Kernel Migrator for SharePoint tool is responsible for performing SharePoint Server migrations, and also many other migrations involving OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, and File System. The migration can be customized as per need, and also can be done with Read more

How to Synchronize OneDrive (Personal) to Your Windows PC?

There are some professional tools like Kernel Migrator for SharePoint that helps you download SharePoint and OneDrive data to local drives. If you are able to download the OneDrive data directly to the Windows system, then the data will be available there as a backup. Kernel Migrator for SharePoint does the exact job for you. Read more

Migrate Microsoft Teams Using Kernel Migrator for SharePoint

Microsoft Teams provides you the ability to improve your organizational communication by facilitating the sharing of ideas, files, reports, etc. When you want to migrate, necessary data from a Team’s site, then Kernel Migrator for SharePoint, is your best assistant. It connects with your Teams Read more