Migrate List/Library from SharePoint with Kernel Migrator for SharePoint

Every individual wants to take benefit from the new features of SharePoint, and that’s why they prefer to migrate their data to the newest version. You can use manual methods to migrate data from one SharePoint server to another. But, when it comes to migrating list/libraries, there are not enough manual methods for it. Some of the manual methods are mentioned Read more

How to Migrate SharePoint Documents?

As a SharePoint user, you might have asked yourself, “How to migrate SharePoint documents”? Well, SharePoint document migration is necessary when you want to upgrade from an older version of SharePoint to a newer version. However, the document migration is not that easy as it seems to be. There are different aspects you need to consider while migrating documents to SharePoint, Read more

Exchange Public Folder to SharePoint Migration – How to Do?

Large organizations produce a significant amount of content in the form of offline and online documents, reports, and letters. To manage this data, it requires too much time and energy; the majority of the employees spend too much time updating their sheets, generating reports, and then waiting for their validation. But SharePoint is a single platform which allows you to manage documents or Read more

How can I migrate data in bulk to SharePoint Online?

When we talk about managing documents on hundreds of computers scattered in different teams and department of an organization, it seems chaos. Sharepoint Online saves you from such chaos and brings efficiency and order in document management. It is a highly useful platform for such organizations which must deal with a large number of documents whether online or offline. You can easily Read more

Way to Migrate Office 365 to SharePoint On-premises

Though SharePoint Online is a popular platform with many advanced facilities, many organizations, after using it for some time, switch over to the on-premises SharePoint. The ease of meeting the compliances, data security, etc. are some advantages of SharePoint Online over SharePoint on-premises. SharePoint Online sometimes stumbles because of slow internet speed which is not an issue with Read more

SharePoint Tenant to Tenant Migration Simplified

Migration of SharePoint data from one SharePoint tenant to another is essential when there is a merger or acquisition between two organizations. Many Office 365 administrators find that the migration of Exchange data relatively easy as compared to the migration of SharePoint data. This is because of the complexity of SharePoint environment and absence of simple native Read more