Way to Migrate Office 365 to SharePoint On-premises

Though SharePoint Online is a popular platform with many advanced facilities, many organizations, after using it for some time, switch over to the on-premises SharePoint. The ease of meeting compliances, better data security, total control over the infrastructure, etc. are some advantages of SharePoint on-premises over SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online sometimes stumbles because of slow internet speed which is not an issue with SharePoint on-premises. And many organizations, especially those who have to meet regulatory compliances, believe that data is more secure with SharePoint on-premises. All these factors compel them to switch over to SharePoint Server. However, before switching, be informed that you need to make a huge initial investment to implement and maintain SharePoint on-premises.

How to migrate from SharePoint Online to SharePoint On-premises?

How to migrate from SharePoint Online to SharePoint On-premises? This is one of the first questions to be answered while an organization is planning to switch to SharePoint on-premises from SharePoint Online. Though there a few manual methods, they are complex and time-consuming. That is why Kernel Migrator for SharePoint, a professional migration solution is recommended for this purpose.

Kernel Migrator SharePoint facilitates various types of migrations such as -

Here within SharePoint to SharePoint migration, you can migrate between SharePoint Server 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, SharePoint Online(O365) versions, SharePoint Online to SharePoint On-premise and SharePoint Server to SharePoint Online. Apart from these, this tool performs OneDrive to OneDrive migrations and Google Drive to Google Drive migrations.

For all users who require to understand the SharePoint Online to SharePoint Server migration process through Kernel Migrator for SharePoint, the following sequential steps are provided:

Step 1. Launch the Kernel Migrator for SharePoint Server software. On the welcome screen, click  Add and select SharePoint Server.

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint
Step 2. In the Add New Site dialogue box, enter a Project name, SharePoint Online Site Address, Username and password details.

Add New Site

Or you can find the site collection using the Find Site Collection option and providing the details like Central Admin URL, Username and password. Then select the desired web application name from the site and click Next.

click Next

A dialogue box will prompt to set this SharePoint Server as a destination. Select No as you are going to add SharePoint Server (On-premises) as a destination.

Step 3. SharePoint Online is added as a source with complete data  – Sites, List and Libraries, etc.

added as a source with complete data

Step 4. The process for adding the destination is similar to that of adding the source. Click Add New Destination, click Add new SharePoint Site(s) and follow the same process. Your destination SharePoint Server gets added finally.

click Add new SharePoint Site

Step 5. Now, start the migration process. Select and right-click on any site or Central Administration under SharePoint Server node (in the Source pane) and click Copy To.

click Copy To

Step 6. The site will get added directly for migration. Click Next to proceed.

site will get added directly for migration

Step 7.  Now, select Site copy options as required. You can Migrate as an existing file, Migrate as a new site or Migrate as site collection(s) by providing the required login details. Here we are selecting Migrate as a new site; then click Next.

Migrate as a new site

Step 8. The destination SharePoint details will automatically get added with the selected list/library. Click Next to continue further.

Click Next to continue further

Step 9. Select the Site Copy and Look and Feel options as per your requirement. Then click Next.

click Next

Step 10. Select among the item copy options. Provide the filters like Date Filter and File Filter and click Next.

click Next

Step 11. In the next dialogue box, you can set the options for migrating permissions and remapping users. Then, click Next.

dialogue box

Step 12. In the Select Schedule dialog box, you can either select Execute Immediately or Schedule. After your selection, click Next.

click Next

Step 13. In the next step, view the Summary of the migration process and click Next. Then the migration process starts and shows in progress. Click Next on completion and finally view the complete summary. Click Finish to exit.

Click Finish to exit.

Therefore, migration between SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server is a simple task when performed with Kernel Migrator for SharePoint. With this tool, you can migrate SharePoint Online data to any version of SharePoint Server.


SharePoint Online to SharePoint on-premises migration is a difficult task even for experts. So, choose a third-party software for Office 365 to SharePoint Server migration. But this third-party software needs to yield a complete result efficiently and robustly. Kernel Migrator for SharePoint is an easy-to-understand SharePoint  migration software that reduces the complexities of migration and provides selective migration in an easy manner. Try the software at your ease and perform the desired SharePoint migrations.

Working Video of Kernel Migrator for SharePoint

  1. I have created multiple migration projects for migrating the large amount of SharePoint online data to on-premises. The tool lets you schedule the projects and then can start migration at the scheduled time.

  1. Thanks for showing me the article that has all the needed steps for the migration. It has solved my needs for some business-related migration.

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