Migrate Microsoft Teams Using Kernel Migrator for SharePoint

Microsoft Teams provides you the ability to improve your organizational communication by facilitating the sharing of ideas, files, reports, etc. When you want to migrate, necessary data from a Team’s site, then Kernel Migrator for SharePoint, is your best assistant. It connects with your Teams site, retrieves the files and migrates it to a different site address. Let’s see the step by step migration through Kernel Migrator for SharePoint. The process involves 3 steps:

  1. Add Microsoft Teams as the Source
  2. Add Microsoft Teams site as the destination
  3. Start the migration

Add Microsoft Teams as the Source

  1. Start Kernel Migrator for SharePoint and go to SharePoint (On-Premises/Online).
  2. Right-click on SharePoint and click ‘Add New SharePoint Site.
  3. In the Add New Site wizard, you need to provide a name to the new Migration project.
  4. To get the Site Address, you will need to go to either Microsoft Teams application or Office 365 Portal >> Microsoft Teams using https://teams.microsoft.com/
    Select any Team and go to the Files tab and click on Copy link.
  5. In the Get link page, go to the SharePoint tab and copy the site URL https://domain.sharepoint.com/sites/teamname Note: Please do no use the Copy button as the entire URL is copied. Select and copy only the required part https://domain.sharepoint.com/sites/teamname
  6. Paste the SharePoint URL in the Site Address field. Then input the credentials of the Team Owner or the Global Admin. Click OK.
  7. A pop-up message will ask you whether you want to add SharePoint Server as the destination (You can click Yes/ No).
  8. The Microsoft Team Site has been added as the Source site.

Add Microsoft Teams site as the destination

As with the Source, you need to follow the step numbers 1-7 in the Destination panel also. But when the pop-up message asks you to add the SharePoint site as the source also, then you can choose any of the options Yes/No because our tool supports the migration between the same Microsoft Teams site.

Start the migration

When you have added the Microsoft Teams site in both source and destination panels, then you can start the migration.

  1. Choose the items from the source site. Right-click and choose Copy.
  2. Go to the required folder on the destination site, right-click, and choose Paste.
  3. The migration wizard will start. It will show you the data selected from the source site. Click Next.
  4. The wizard will allow you to select the folder in the destination. You can choose to select a different folder from another site. Click Next.
  5. Choose the attributes of the document. You can also edit the attributes. Click Next.
  6. There are multiple filter options that you can apply to the selected data. Click Next.
  7. Click the checkbox Migrate Permissions. It will also enable the checkbox Migrate Unique Permission per item. Click Next.
  8. Choose the option ‘Execute Immediate. Note: You can schedule the execution at a later time too.
  9. A brief summary will show you the details; click Next.
  10. After the completion of a successful migration, you can see the status of migrated items as Success. Click Finish.


Kernel Migrator for SharePoint helps to overcome the limitations of manual migrations. As Microsoft Teams holds very important data, you should not look for a manual method to migrate the files but use Kernel Migrator for SharePoint that provides advanced features like filtering, version migration, permission migration, and migration scheduling. This tool supports all types of SharePoint migrations.

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