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Kernel for FAT Data Recovery
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Product Information
System Requirements
64 MB (the more the better)
Pentium II 400 MHz
Operating System:
Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2002, 2000 and 98
Key Features
  • Recovery of deleted and damaged partitions.
  • Recovery of missing files(s) and folder(s).
  • Data recovery after the loss of MBR, Boot sector or File Allocation Table.
  • Provides recovery of data lost due to accidental formatting of your hard disk.
  • Recovery of lost data due to variety of viruses(s).
  • Full support for long file names.
  • Recovery possible even if the disk partition has been formatted with different file system type or with different parameters.
  • Full support for IDE, EIDE, SCSI and SATA, PAN, ZIP and USB drives.
  • Live Update available for the software, to make sure that you always have the latest version of the software.
  • Data recovery from FAT partitions
  • Recovery of missing, lost, deleted partitions
  • 2 recovery modes: Standard Scan and Advance Scan
  • Data recovery after the loss of MBR, Boot sector or File Allocation Table.

Kernel for FAT Data Recovery Software

FAT data recovery software recovers deleted files and folders from FAT partitions. Key features of the software are:
  • Data recovery from formatted, re-formatted FAT partitions.
  • Successful recovery of files and folders from damaged or deleted partitions.
  • Successful recovery in cases of Windows registry corruptions, software failures, unexpected system shutdown or virus contamination.
  • FREE Life Time Product Support.
  • Live Update feature to have latest version of the software.
  • Supports data recovery from all Windows versions.
  • Free demo version is available to experience software features and functions before making actual purchase.
FAT Data Recovery - Screen
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  • Buy FAT Data Recovery

For Vista Users

You must have administrator rights in order to access the physical drives.

You also must switch off Vista's User Access Control. To disable User Account Control (UAC), open your Control Panel and switch to Classic view. Then open: "User Accounts", Click User account control on or off uncheck UAC and restart your Computer. Once UAC is disabled, Kernel Recovery software will run without any problems.

FAT data recovery software helps users to get back data from damaged, formatted, re-formatted, deleted, and inaccessible FAT file systems. Software deeply scans the selected FAT partition and performs recovery of deleted, lost, missing file and folder as per the selected mode of recovery. Two modes are provided in Kernel for FAT: Standard Scan and Advance Scan.

Standard Scan is the fast mode of data recovery and is useful in cases of recent file deletions, partitions deletions and corruptions occurred due to bad sectors in the disk.

Advance Scan is more robust recovery mode than the Standard Scan. It is useful in cases of partition format, OS reload, major partition corruptions and cases where Standard Scan fails to provide desired data recovery results.

Deleted, Lost, Missing FAT partitions are easy to search from the Windows logical drive. Search partition feature of Kernel for FAT helps in searching the file system which is invisible to human eyes but exists in the disk. Software will scan the drive and recover every possible partition. With such useful features of FAT data recovery software, users can leave their worries behind and be assured of successful data recovery from FAT partitions.

Demo version of Kernel for FAT is available for Free download before buying Full version. Demo version can be analyzed for its working features and data recovery percentage from the FAT partitions. Preview of recovered data is displayed, which is savable only with Full version of Kernel for FAT.

Free Life Time Product Supportis available on purchase of Kernel for FAT data recovery software. Live-Update option is also provided to update to update the software to latest version from Lepide Software server.

Supported Versions:

File System: FAT16, FAT32

Windows: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2002, 98, 95

Drives: IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA, PAN, ZIP and USB drives