How to migrate Microsoft Teams to a new tenant?

Microsoft Teams is one of the many professional applications that a business gets in an Office 365 Business and Enterprise subscription. While looking closely, one can see that Microsoft Teams overcomes many limitations of simple chat programs. A user can create a new Team and add members to it. These members can chat through threaded messages. Each message will contain the name of the sender and a timestamp.

There can be several applications like Wikipedia, Asana, Dictionary, etc., that can be added to a Team, and many files can be uploaded. When the subscription for Office 365 is coming to an end, Teams will also become inaccessible. If you have a different functional account, then you can move the Teams to the new account.

Due to the lack of manual migration methods from Microsoft for Teams, you should look for professional assistance. Kernel Microsoft Teams Migration software is a capable solution to migrate unlimited Teams at the same time. It will provide a new destination for the existing Teams.

Here is the overall process to use and run the software-

  • The home screen of the software shows the Microsoft Teams option in the source section. Select it. home screen of the software
  • If you right-click it, then there will be a single option to Add Teams. Choose it. Add Teams

  • In the Add Team wizard, there are multiple options like new project name, tenant ID, username, client ID, and a client secret. You can get all these details at the Active Directory section in the Azure portal. You can access it using your Microsoft account. Click App Registration link to use the process.
  • After creating these details, you can input them in their required sections. Then click Register and Connect. Register and Connect
  • The Teams are connected with the software. You can expand the project name and check all the Teams. expand the project name
  • Now go to the destination section and right-click to the Microsoft Teams section, and click Add Teams. Add Teams
  • You can create all the details in the destination Microsoft account’s Azure portal. Then, input them in the required sections and click Register & Connect. Azure portal
  • Teams from both the tenants are connected to the tool now. tenants are connected
  • Go to Teams in the source section and select a team that you want to move to a new tenant. Copy the team data from there. Copy the team data
  • Go to a new destination Team and click Paste. Paste the data
  • Map the source Teams with the respective destination Teams. You can also provide the new nickname to the Team. Then, click Start Migration. Map the source Teams
  • The migration has started. migration strat
  • After successful completion of the migration, a message appears and shows that migration is complete. Click OK. migration successful
  • The migration summary chart shows the correct status of migrated Teams. You can save the report in CSV format. Then click OK. save the report in CSV forma

How does the tool ensure a precise migration?

Kernel Microsoft Teams Migration software maps multiple teams between two Office 365 tenants and migrates them completely. Here are some of the important features of the software.

  • The tool migrates entire chats, threaded conversations, channels (both public and private), files, added applications, calls, and activities.
  • The tool migrates all the attachments and messages with the sender/receiver names and timestamps.
  • The attachments present in the chat will also be migrated.
  • The software will migrate features, permissions, and other properties of the Teams data.
  • The software can migrate multiple migrations simultaneously.
  • The software works with all the Office 365 accounts having Microsoft Teams.
  • There will be a complete migration report after the successful completion.


Q. I have some emojis in the chats. Will they be migrated too?
A. Yes, the emojis will also be migrated during the migration.
Q. Can I change the name of the team before migration?
A. On the mapping page of the software, you can provide a nickname to the team. Thus, it will have a new name in the destination.
Q. Will the GIF work in the new team?
A. Yes, the software will allow the GIFs to work in the new team.
Q. There are several PDFs, PPTs, Excel files, MS Words, etc., in the team. How will I select them?
A. All the files in their original teams will be migrated from their locations.


Kernel Microsoft Teams Migration software will smoothly migrate the Microsoft Teams to the new Office 365 tenant with their complete data, structure, features, and properties. The user can relax after starting the migration and witness the swift completion of the migration in a few minutes.

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