How to Synchronize OneDrive for Business to Your Windows PC?

OneDrive for Business offered by Microsoft is an effective and easy-to-use cloud storage platform, especially for businesses. It provides advanced enterprise-level features in all subscription plans helping organizations to meet their storage requirements without any investment.

Alternately, you can use a professional like Kernel Migrator for SharePoint to download OneDrive for Business data to Windows drives. Also, Kernel Migrator for SharePoint gives you more flexibility than any other migrator tool and supports all the versions of SharePoint for a clean migration. It conducts a wholesome migration where you can select various sites, lists, libraries and migrate them along with their metadata and permissions. You can also sync the source and destinations account without much hassle.

Let us understand the complete procedure to synchronize OneDrive for Business account to your PC on Windows.

First, let us understand the Windows Operating versions that support this cloud-based application.

If you have a system with Windows 10, you have an installed OneDrive application that comes automatically in your file explorer (no need to install the desktop app).

If you have Windows 8.1/RT 8.1 version, there is a built-in OneDrive for Business application, which allows you to connect any OneDrive for Business account on your Windows File Explorer.

If you have Windows 7 or older versions, you have to download the desktop app for OneDrive for Business. Next, install this application and then add your OneDrive for Business account when account sign-in is asked.

Let us know the complete procedure to connect a OneDrive for Business Account to your PC and synchronize it.

For Windows 8.1/RT 8.1

  1. Click the Windows icon on your PC. In the Search box in the Start menu, type OneDrive for Business. The application will be listed. Click on OneDrive for Business. Open and click on OneDrive for Business
  2. Enter the email address of the OneDrive for Business account, which you want to add and click Sign in option. Enter email address of OneDrive for Business
  3. Provide the password of the added Microsoft OneDrive for Business account. Click Sign in. Provide the password of OneDrive for Business
  4. Here, the location of your synchronized OneDrive folder is shown, which you can change using the Change location option. You can also add files to this folder and can access it anytime from this location. Click Next. location of your synchronized OneDrive folder
  5. Choose the files and folders for synchronization and click Next. Select files and folders for synchronization
  6. Next, it shares the information that you can simply drag and drop the items from your file system to the OneDrive folder for synchronization. Click Next to continue. Drag and drop the items from your file system
  7. Users can also share the OneDrive folder with others. Click Next. Share the OneDrive folder with others
  8. If you want to get the mobile app for this OneDrive for Business application, click Get the mobile app or click the Later option. Get the mobile app for OneDrive for Business application or click later
  9. The OneDrive for Business folder is ready now. To view it, click Open my OneDrive – NKER folder. OneDrive for business folder is ready
  10. The folder is available in the C drive location C:\Users\username Take a look. Synchronization of OneDrive for Business application to your PC is done

Thus, you have synchronized your OneDrive for Business application to your PC.

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