G Suite to Office 365 Migration – Some Frequently Asked Questions & Their Answers

G Suite (now known as Google Workspace) is a cloud platform from Google for enterprises. The users can enable various application APIs and access them in their accounts. When users want to unsubscribe from G Suite and adopt a more business-friendly platform, i.e., Microsoft 365, they wish to migrate their G Suite data.

As the environment is different, then users look for safe methods that can perform a secure migration. The article provides some important FAQs that help you understand the nuances of G Suite environment preparation and the use of Kernel G Suite to Office 365.

Q. Microsoft allows migration from G Suite to Office 365. What are its limitations?

A. There are several limitations during the manual migration-

  1. Vacation settings, rules, filters, and automatic reply settings will not be migrated.
  2. Bookings for meeting rooms will not be migrated.
  3. Shared calendar, hangout links, external cloud attachments will not be migrated.
  4. Events colors will not be migrated.
  5. Only three email addresses with a single contact will be migrated.
  6. Tags and contact URLs with contacts will not be migrated.

Q. Do I need to enable the Google apps API before migration?

A. Yes, you need to enable the API for the desired Google Apps to migrate it.

Q. Where can I start migration manually?

A. Once you have created an environment at both Google and Microsoft accounts, you can start the batch migration from Exchange Admin Center.

Q. Can I use a CSV file in the manual migration?

A. Yes, you can create a batch migration using the CSV file containing the details of both platforms.

Q. Who will get the migration report?

A. While starting the migration batch, you will need to mention the account(s) who will get the constant notification related to the syncing of data.

Q. In which Office 365 plan can I migrate the G Suite data?

A. G Suite is useful for professionals. So, it would help if you migrate to the business and enterprise plans of Office 365.

Q. How can I divert my new emails from G Suite to Office 365 after the migration?

A. If you update your DNS records at your domain service provider, you can easily divert the emails there.

Q. Are professional tools useful for G Suite to Office 365 migration?

A. Yes. Tools like Kernel G Suite to Office 365 migration simplifies the migration process and automates it so that even non-technical users and busy administrators can perform it easily.

Kernel G Suite to Office 365

Kernel G Suite to Office 365 is a simple tool to migrate data from Google Workspace to Office 365/Microsoft 365. It migrates the entire G Suite data to Office 365, preserving data integrity. Despite offering advanced features like filtering, it is one of the simplest tools available for G Suite to Office 365 migration. Before buying it, users can try its free version for a trial migration.

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Here are Some Important Facts About This Tool.

Q. Can I migrate the archive data to another account’s Public Folder?

A. Yes, while performing the mapping, you should use the drop-down and map the archive mailbox to a public folder.

Q. Who can download the migration report?

A. If a user migrates his/her account only, then h can download it directly. For multiple accounts, the administrator can start the migration and download its report.

Q. There are some folders in my G Suite mailbox that are empty. Should I migrate them or skip them?

A. It’s up to the user to make a decision. You can check the option to skip empty folders on the filter page, and they will not be migrated.

Q. Can I run two migrations using the software?

A. Yes, you can start two migration instances parallelly.

Q. Can I migrate the data directly to the Groups in Office 365?

A. Yes, you can migrate all the data present in the mailboxes to groups in Office 365. You chose the Groups option on the filter page, and the tool will do the rest for you.


G Suite and Office 365 are cloud platforms for professional companies. Kernel G Suite to Office 365 is the technical solution to accomplish such a migration. We have presented you with some important FAQs to read if you have to perform G Suite to Office 365 migration. Whenever you face challenges in migration, you should use Kernel G Suite to Office 365 to perform all the tasks without any problem. It offers advanced features that no manual solution can provide.

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