Launch of Employee Desktop Live Viewer Updated version 10.02.02

Noida, February 25, 2010: Nucleus Data Pvt. Ltd. a renowned name in the field of enterprise-level software development announced the launch of updated version of Employee Desktop Live Viewer with a set of minor bugs fixed. The new and improved version of Employee Desktop Live Viewer- 10.02.02 is now available for online purchase. You can enjoy the efficient and real-time employee desktop monitoring, coupled with enhanced benefits and functionalities. The updated version of Employee Desktop Live Viewer allows you to work remotely in network and monitor multiple computer(s) with its Viewer.

Being the administrator, you can see what your employees are doing during the office hours, LIVE on your monitors. Employee Desktop LIVE Viewer software works invisibly on the targeted system(s), so administrator can easily monitor employee desktop. Integrated with unique recording option, the software can also be used to create offline recordings of user activities in .AVI file format. The offline recording feature allows you to record and save the employee desktop activities as a proof of improper utilization of organizational resources during work-hours.

Here are some key features of Employee Desktop Live Viewer v10.02.02.

    • Real time desktop monitoring over a LAN.
    • Increase employee efficiency and profit margins
    • Perfect tool for invisible and stealth monitoring of remote desktop activities
    • Saves employee desktop activities through Online recording and Offline recording.
    • Acts as a surveillance camera pointed towards the employee desktop.
    • Provides administrative controls for monitored computers like closing it, locking it, restarting it, starting the screen saver and removing the wallpaper.
    • Send instant messages to the computer(s) being monitored.
    • Send monitoring notifications to the computer(s) being monitored
    • View LIVE desktop activities- what's happening on employee computer.
    • Works with every Windows OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and all the previous versions.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer update v10.02.02 is available for free evaluation. The free to evaluate version lets you monitor activities of single computer, so that you can have fair idea about the working and efficacy of the software.

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