Multiple File Recovery Mode

Kernel for Excel: Multi File Repair Mode

Multiple File Mode

Kernel for Excel supports repairing multiple MS Excel .XLS and .XLSX files in a single repair cycle. The embedded Multi-file option saves significant amount of time of users that usually gets wasted in selecting and repairing Excel file one-by-one.

User simply needs to select Multi-file option in the tool bar of the software, select damaged Excel files and the tool will repair all the selected Excel files with complete accuracy. Now, no need to recreate Excel file that got damaged due to some unseen reason, as Kernel for Excel lets you to accurately repair the damaged Excel file and recover entire data embedded into it. Let us see how the Multi-file option of the software works:


Launch Kernel for Excel, then click Multi-file button in the tool bar. The following screen appears that lets you to select multiple damaged Excel files to be repaired:

Click Add files button to add the damaged Excel files to be repaired. After adding Excel files user can also click on Remove file option to remove selected file or click Remove all files option to remove all added files. All the added Excel files get enlisted in the interface.

Click Repair and save button to repair all the enlisted Excel files and to save them at desired location. To save repaired Excel files, the software asks for a location and provides a number of saving options to be selected for Excel 2000-2003, that is, number, formula, bool value, text, merged cells, row information, and column information. It is to be noted here that for Excel 2007 all objects will get saved automatically.

After specifying the saving location, click Save button.
After clicking Save button, the software starts repairing enlisted Excel files. The time required for repairing selected Excel files entirely depends on the number of Excel files enlisted for repairing, their size, and extent of corruption in them.