Why it is Hard to Ignore the Significance of a MBOX Viewer

Oswald Foster | Updated On - 25 Feb 2021 |

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Can’t access you MBOX email items? MBOX viewer is real time beneficial tool for you in such a situation. MBOX viewer is a quick and trouble-free source to get through your emails. Instead of wasting your precious time over surfing alternative solutions to view your MBOX files, get a professional MBOX viewer that can resolve your issue in few clicks. There are numerous advantages of MBOX viewer tool, few are listed below:

  • Cost effective solution – Tools like Kernel MBOX viewer is available for free, so it is not necessary to spend a hefty amount to get a preview of your MBOX files. You just need to download the tool and select the inaccessible MBOX files and folders and get a complete view of your locked files in a click and that too in a maintained hierarchical order.
  • Saves time and efforts – Since, MBOX files are very crucial for every user and they need to be accessed as soon as possible to maintain the flow of work. User panics in such circumstances as they fear that they might lose their important data files. So, for getting instant redressal users dig up the internet but get stuck up with lengthy procedures to obtain their files. Whereas, MBOX viewer can be installed in seconds on your operating systems and can make your task faster and easy.
  • Interactive tool – It’s not necessary that every MBOX user is technically skilled, so experts have designed this tool in a manner that any person can efficiently utilize with minimum technical efficiency. The tool has an interactive graphic user interface with self explanatory features which enables flawless accomplishment of user’s task.
  • Extracts important information instantly – Sometimes circumstances demand quick access to MBOX emails, which becomes quite difficult for user who is facing MBOX file corruption for the first time. MBOX viewer is very handy for such users as they can get an instant view of their preferred emails. Moreover, user can apply filter option to obtain the preview of required emails by defining particular criteria.
  • Secure and reliable option – Most of the MBOX users are afraid of getting their important business information leaked when they install a random MBOX to PST converter. In this case too, an MBOX viewer is a safe and offer a reliable option to get an overview of the software. When the MBOX viewer satisfies user’s inquisitions then he/she may peacefully proceed to purchase the tool.
  • View MBOX from multiple applications – The MBOX Viewer lets you see the content of the MBOX file created through several email applications like Apple Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird, Entourage, etc. The folder structure of the email application is different, and the software maintains the folder structure while showing you the preview.
  • Embedded Email filters – The viewer tool is not limited to giving you a simple preview. It has several embedded email filters that allows the user to select only the important files.
  • Add multiple files at one – The viewer tool can add multiple MBOX files at the same time. The user can browse the MBOX files from its location and add the in the preview pane.


So, get a prominent and reliable MBOX viewer to preview your files quickly. Kernel MBOX viewer is one such efficient utility which can be swiftly installed on your system for free to get desired results. It is incorporated with all the advanced features to make your task more flawless. The tool is compatible with all the versions of Microsoft windows operating system and supports almost all the MBOX email clients such as Claws Mail, SeaMonkey, AppleMail, Eudora, PowerMail, Evolution, Sylpheed, Entourage Postbox and Opera.

Preview of MBOX File