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Why I cannot open PST file

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One of the very common problems faced by Outlook users is occurrence of error message restricting Outlook to display users emails, contacts, drafts, to do list items, etc. The error message that occurs when a user logon to his / her Outlook account is:

“Unable to display folder. Microsoft Outlook could not access the specified folder location. Errors were detected in file C:\WINDOWS\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst. Close all mail-enabled applications, then use the Repair Tool inbox.”

Interesting fact about the above error message is, most of the Outlook users complaint to view this error message when they start Outlook but do not know why this error message occurs and what Outlook tries to say by throwing the specified error message. What Outlook users know is they cannot open PST file.

Well, there is nothing to be worried about the given error message. This article will explain you what that error message is, why it occurs, why you cannot open PST file, and how you can resolve this error message. Microsoft Outlook throws this error message when something wrong happens with the PST file where users emails, contacts, drafts, etc. are saved. The error message due to which you cannot open PST file occurs because of following reasons:

  • PST has been damaged

  • PST has crossed the max size limit, which is 2GB in Outlook 2003 and earlier versions

PST file is highly vulnerable to damage due to reasons like unexpected system shut down, virus attack, application errors, etc. Due to damage of the PST file, MS Outlook could not either locate the PST file or understand the file format, hence cannot display emails, contacts, notes, tasks, etc. in your Outlook profile. So, this is the damage of PST file due to which you cannot open PST file. In the specified, error message, Outlook suggests to close all email applications and use Inbox Repair Tool.

Here, you might be thinking that what an Inbox Repair Tool is and why MS Outlook suggests using this tool. The Inbox Repair tool is a PST repair utility provided to Outlook users by Microsoft for free. When MS Outlook is installed, the Inbox Repair tool (also called scanpst.exe) gets installed on your computer. The Microsoft provided PST repair utility enables you to repair the damaged PST file and helps you access your emails, notes, contacts, etc. with your Outlook profile.

Depending on the version of MS Outlook and Windows operating system, location of Inbox Repair tool varies. Moreover, you cannot see this freeware PST repair tool in Programs menu of your Windows operating system; therefore, the easiest way to find the tool is Windows built-in search feature. Just type scanpst.exe in the search box, press the ENTER key, and within few seconds you will see the tool in the searched items.

The Inbox Repair tool successfully repairs the damaged PST file when there is less corruption in the PST. Therefore, if you cannot open PST file even after using the Inbox Repair tool, there is no need to be hopeless. Third party PST repair tools are still there to help you.

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair is an amazing, eminent, and result-oriented third party PST repair tool, using which you can repair the highly damaged PST files. Whatever is the size of PST file, the software effectively repairs the damaged PST and recovers emails, notes, contacts, tasks, etc. in their original formats. Kernel for Outlook PST repair tool supports all versions of MS Outlook and Windows operating systems.

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