What Microsoft Will be Revealing at Ignite Conference 2018?

Himanshu Goyal | Updated On - 25 Feb 2021 |

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Microsoft’s next Ignite Conference is going to start on 24 Sep, and it will continue till 28 Sep 2018 in Orlando, Florida USA. If you haven’t got your ticket yet, then it’s your bad luck because the tickets for Microsoft Ignite 2018 has been sold out. However, you can still attend the live stream of this conference from 24th September 2018 onwards.

So, before attending the live stream or event at Orlando, let’s see what we can expect from the upcoming Microsoft Ignite Conference.

  1. Attention will be on Intelligent Cloud

  2. This Microsoft ignite conference will mainly be focused on Intelligent Cloud. With intelligent cloud and intelligent edge, Microsoft plans a set of devices that fit naturally into the lives of people. You may get more details at the Ignite conference.

  3. SharePoint and OneDrive Updates by Jeff Teper

  4. Microsoft already announced the release of SharePoint 2019 in the earlier Ignite Conference. Now, you can expect a few updates or a preview of it by Jeff Teper. You can hear about new capabilities of SharePoint and OneDrive including their integration with Microsoft Teams. So, if you own a business willing to switch to SharePoint 2019, then it’s a must-attend conference for you.

  5. Microsoft PowerApps, Power BI, and Flow

  6. We all know that the Power platform of Microsoft is gaining followers day-by-day. So, there is no point in saying that this conference will not talk about it. You can get an overview of PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Microsoft Power BI. So, it’s definitely going to be interesting to get a sneak peek of what Microsoft is planning to make it more unique and powerful in the future.

  7. Windows 10 for Remote Session

  8. According to a recent report, Microsoft provided an early version of new SKU of Windows 10 to testers, known as Windows 10 for Remote Sessions. Also, in the upcoming conference, a session will be held on “What’s new and what’s next in Windows virtualization.” So, you can find more details about it at the conference.

    If you want to learn about the latest improvements in Remote Desktop Services or the applications accessible to remote users, then this conference is for you.

    If you’re tech-savvy persona or a business owner who is attending this event for SharePoint or OneDrive updates, then you must also stay up-to-date with the latest tools for SharePoint and One Drive.

What Happened in Ignite Conference 2018?

The ignite conference 2018 concluded on September 28, 2018 and there were many sessions related to various existing and upcoming technologies. Microsoft put their focus on cloud and artificial intelligence technologies. More than 26,000 people attended the events from over 100 countries. We are concluding the major announcements below-

  • Microsoft maintained that the security of users remains a top priority and an upcoming era will be the end of passwords and more sophisticated security techniques.
  • Microsoft started a new 40-million-dollar program called AI for Humanitarian action. It will be a 5-year program where Microsoft will develop Artificial Intelligence based resources to create some energy resources.
  • Microsoft introduced a new platform from create adaptive company-skills for Cortana.
  • Several IoT and Edge Computing products were revealed.
  • Microsoft brought an Open Data Initiative with Adobe and SAP where companies can create AI-based customer products and connect better.

Wrap Up

It’s going to be full house attendance at the upcoming Microsoft’s Ignite Conference. If you’ve got the ticket, then you shouldn’t miss this opportunity at any cost. Hundreds of business professionals will be attending this summit. So, make sure you get the most out of it.