2023 – Simple Way to Import PST to Gmail Without Outlook

Aftab Alam
Aftab Alam linkedin | Updated On - March 09, 2022 |

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Today, Gmail is widely used to send and receive emails with a Google account. Actually, Gmail is one out of many applications that you can access with the help of Google account like Contacts, YouTube, Maps, Drive, Calendar, Photos, Chrome, Docs, Slides, Books, Blogger, etc.

When the MS Office subscription (with Office 365) ends, Outlook also stops working. If Outlook has stopped working and you want to access your emails, then you can import the data file (PST) to Gmail. By importing your complete mailboxes to Gmail, the mailbox will become active again in Gmail.

There are several benefits to Gmail that make it a powerful candidate to import PST files into it.

  • There is free storage up to 15 GB for saving data, although the 15 GB is shared among all the Google applications.
  • By using a single Gmail email address, the user can access all the other Google applications.
  • There is an inbuilt Hangouts chat window present in Gmail where you can communicate with other Gmail users.
  • The inbuilt search facility of Gmail is a useful feature to find the email(s) with the help of several email properties.
  • The user can implement multi-factor authentication to strengthen the security of the account.
  • There is an app-password facility to create a unique password to access the Gmail account on third-party applications.
  • If one forgets the password, then he can easily recreate the password using the associated phone number or secondary email ID.
  • The user can access Gmail on any computer, smartphone, or tablet device. Many MacOS devices also allow syncing Gmail emails into them.
  • There is no fee required to access a Gmail account like Outlook.

How to Import PST to Gmail Without Outlook?

When Outlook has stopped working, and your account is inactive to send or receive emails, you need to use the PST file to import the mailbox to Gmail. You require professional software to perform the process. Kernel Import PST to Gmail is the correct answer to such a need. It can access the PST file from its location and import it directly to a Gmail account.

It does not have any requirements other than PST and offers multiple features to complete the flawless migration.

  1. When the user opens the software, the software’s Home screen shows the options to add a Source and Destination accounts. Here, click the Add button in the source section.
    add a Source
  2. Select the PST file from its folder location and click the Open button.
    Select the PST file
  3. Now, in the destination section, click the Add button.
    Select destination
  4. In the Server name field, type imap.gmail.com and then provide the login credentials of your Gmail account. Then click the Add option.
    provide the login credentials of your Gmail account
  5. Map the source PST file with the destination Gmail account. Then click the Set Filter and Migrate option.
    Map the source PST file with the destination Gmail account
  6. Apply several filters on the data to select useful files only. Then click the I am OK, Start Migration option.
    Apply filters
  7. The import process gets started.
    import process
  8. After the completion of the process, a successful message appears. Then click the OK option.
    import process complited
Benefits of Kernel Import PST to Gmail Tool
  • It is is simple and easy to use. The user can complete the process without any technical assistance from an expert.
  • The software has a help window at the login page where the user can get the required information about the secure login.
  • A proper mapping facility between the source PST and destination Gmail account reduces faulty import job chances.
  • After completing migration, the user will get a CSV format report to keep a record of the import job.


The year 2023 continues to feel the effects of pandemic and to streamline the business process smoothly, then you should continue to use this import PST file to Gmail tool. Whenever the user gets the message that the MS Outlook has stopped working, you can import all the PST files to Gmail and continue the email communication. It is a business-friendly solution that eliminates the requirement of an active Outlook to keep the email flow safe and secure.