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Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes While Choosing a Password

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While opening online bank account, email account or any other account, you need to choose a password so that un-authorized users can be unable to access your information. But are you making yourself a target for fraud? I have heard many cases where people have their accounts hacked.

If you don’t want all this happen to you, then make sure that you avoid following mistakes at the time of choosing password.

  1. Do not use same password for all accounts. You should use different passwords for every email account and most importantly use unique passwords on shopping websites where you need to enter your credit card number.
  2. Do not use short passwords. The risk of guessing your password is high with short passwords. If the password is long, guessing it becomes tough for a person with wrong intentions.
  3. Avoid using kids names, pet’s name, nicknames, names from characters in books or movies or celebrity names, as these are easy to guess.
  4. Do not use English words that are easy to remember. Avoid using English words that are found in dictionary as these passwords are easy to guess.
  5. Stay away from birthdays, anniversaries, addresses, social security numbers or telephone numbers as someone can easily guess them.
  6. Try using combination of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters while choosing your password. In this way, you can secure yourself from the fear of getting your account hacked i.e. (4rfv^%^&()JCD&*)^$]

So it is always beneficial to be extra cautious while choosing a password, as a wisely selected password can avoid many mishaps that take place due to wrong password selection.

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