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Here is how to perform effortless and accurate GroupWise to MBOX Conversion

With so many organizations mushrooming every day, there are huge numbers of email clients emerging in the market. Where there is easy to use, understand and popular MS Outlook, multi functional Novell GroupWise, there is also ‘MBOX’ for Apple OS. When dealing with various global clients there might come instances when emails or attachments they send are not known to you or vice versa. Trouble arises when you must communicate effectively in a cross platform arena.

Most of the times, such trouble arises when you own separate email application than your client and you need to install another email client at every instant when sending or receiving emails. To lessen up the hassle, either you must change the email client you are using or ask the client to change theirs, which is almost impossible! Imagine a state where you are using ‘his’ email client and having trouble communicating with people in your organization.

For instance, you are using GroupWise in the office to communicate with local clients or among yourselves and the client uses MBOX. It is not feasible to go to another system to type an email in MBOX and then send to the client and ask him to do the same. Hence, the best bet could be to create GroupWise file and convert it to MBOX before sending. Out of many other ways, there could be one way to perform conversion. You could setup a local IMAP Server and copy entire GroupWise email via IMAP interface. After the complete copying, you can put these emails in local IMAP Server. This is a good way to perform required conversion but requires several hit and trial methods.

Moreover, you must know the technicalities of the GroupWise and MBOX emails. Additionally, there could be instances when you fail to perform complete conversion from GroupWise to MBOX and end up creating everything again.  One can trust third party Kernel for GroupWise to MBOX software for performing GroupWise to MBOX emails migration within minutes under such circumstances! Other than being easy to use and quick, the utility boasts of complete email conversion efficiently.

The software consists of various modes namely default and login mode. The default mode is best for single mailbox migration and applied to the current open GroupWise whereas the login mode consists of three sub modes (online, coaching and remote mode) to perform the GroupWise to MBOX migration. You must specify User Id, password, IP Address in online mode and port number information for migration in coaching mode. Additionally, you must specify the remote mailbox where mailbox copy is saved to connect with and migrate.

The software even supports multiple mailbox migration. The GroupWise to MBOX email converter utility is available with a free trial version for evaluation. It supports all GroupWise Server versions such as 6, 6.5, 7, 8 and 12.

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In order to save yourself from various hassles in converting GroupWise mailbox to MBOX, try third party Kernel for Novell GroupWise to MBOX software. Besides being easy to use and efficient, it is available in free trial version as well.

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