How to Split Oversized PST in MS Outlook 2007?

Ruchika Srichand | Updated On - 28 Apr 2020 |

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While using MS Outlook, most of the users save their data in a single PST file. This may cause performance issues in Outlook. Also, the addition of a large amount of data makes that PST file oversized and vulnerable to corruption.

It is challenging to manage an oversized PST file. But you can reduce PST file size or split PST file to improve the performance of MS Outlook. Also, there are many more reasons why you should reduce PST file size:

  • It improves the performance and efficiency of MS Outlook.
  • It reduces the chances of PST file corruption and subsequent data loss.
  • Makes it easy to find the relevant data from the heap of data.
  • It is easy to manage small PST files on your system.

Two different ways to reduce the size of PST files

Microsoft provides two different ways by which you can keep your PST file within the desirable size limits:


Archiving is a process of moving your old emails items to a different PST file. You can specify a location for the new PST file while archiving your mailbox data. Though in a different PST file, the archived items will be visible by the name Archive Folders in the MailFolders list in Outlook.

Move to Folder

While moving to a folder, we create a separate PST file then move the items from oversized PST file to it. This method also reduces the size of PST file. The new PST file and its folders will be seen separately in MS Outlook application.

Step by step process for Archiving emails in MS outlook 2007

To use the archiving technique, you have to open your MS Outlook first and then use the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to File menu and click on Archive.Archive the file
  2. Select “Archive this folder and subfolders” and choose the folder you want to archive, click on Browse button to provide file is saving path and then click OK.Browse to save

Step by step process for moving emails to a new PST file folder

To use the Move to Folder method, open your MS Outlook application and then follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Click on File > New> Outlook Data Files.New Outlook Data Files
  2. Select Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst) and then click OK.
    Select PST file
  3. Here you can create a new PST file or can open an already existing file; enter the name of file and then click OK.
    create a new PST file
  4. Enter Name and other details; you can enter password too if you want to create a password protected PST; then click OK.
    create a password
  5. Now, select the emails and choose Move to Folders from the right-click menu.Move to Folders
  6. Select the folder (in the new PST file), where you want to move your data and then click OK.
    Select the folder to move data

Manage large PST files with a third-party tool

Kernel for PST Split is an intelligently designed tool that can efficiently split oversized PST files. This PST Split utility can create small, independent PST files by splitting a large PST file. This utility provides options like:

  • Split PST based on date
  • Split PST based on sender’s Email ID
  • Create separate PST files for every PST mailbox folder
  • Extract selected folders into a single PST file
  • Split PST based on size

This software is suitable for technical and non-technical users.