Videos Not Playing On Android Phone

Manisha Rawat | Updated On - 28 Dec 2020 |

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“I am an Android user, and on my way back to home from office I thought of watching a movie which I downloaded for the same reason. As soon as I tried playing the video it didn’t start. As I clicked on the video thumbnail on my phone it showed a black screen. I tried doing it again and again, but it didn’t work. That day I had to play mobile games to bear that journey, but I am concerned why I can’t play that video on my phone. If anyone knows the exact reason behind this, I am up for any kind of solution. Please suggest, Thanks”

Our Mobile phones are our lives these days and we are so dependent on them for every other thing. Be it talking to our friends and family, setting alarms, reminders or making notes, everything. But the major role mobile phones play in our lives is by being the source of entertainment. In such a scenario, imagine if you can’t play the videos of your family and friends. You can’t play a movie you so wanted to watch just like the above user has complained of.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the same. We are going to look for the reasons why an Android user cannot play a video on a mobile phone. Also, we are going to find the best solution for the same.

Reasons Behind the Issue

There is not one exact reason why a person might be facing this problem. There are many such reasons depending on the situation, let’s know those reasons:

  • The phone might be facing hang issues.
  • The Android version is not updated.
  • Broken or damaged video file.
  • Media player is not updated.
  • Media player doesn’t support the file.
  • Video file is corrupt.
  • Due to a malicious Apps.

All of the above-mentioned reasons may lead to the video not playing issue on an Android device. Many of these listed reasons are totally avoidable, and hence it is advised to avoid them as much as possible to not face the issue again.

How to Fix the Issue?

As there were many reasons for why this issue may arise, there are many solutions for it. Let’s find out which one works for you:

  • Reboot your Android phone
  • The very first thing you should do after facing this error is restart or reboot your device. Sometimes, there is not a very complicated reason behind this issue, it’s just that your device is facing a hang issue. To fix this problem, you must restart your device and check if it works.

  • Uninstall any suspicious app from the device
  • Apps downloaded from untrusted sources can create a lot of issues in your device. Not just this video issue, but there could be many dangerous issues it may cause. So it is advised to uninstall any such app from your device instantly. Once you uninstall such app(s) from your device, restart it and check if the problem still persists.

    Note: Once you uninstall the app(s) from your device, it is advisable that you clear all the cache first. This will not only help to eliminate the residues of the app you have just uninstalled, but also, reduce the load on your device making it faster.

  • Try another media player
  • If you are unable to play a video on one media player, then try playing it with another. Some video players don’t support some video file formats, which leads to this issue. So, if you are using an inbuilt video player, try installing VLC media player. See if it solves your issue.

    Note: You can also try upgrading your media player if you have not done so for quite a time. If you have done it recently and it is not your issue, then proceed with installing a new one.

  • Update your Android
  • If nothing is working for you, then it is also possible that the Android version that you are using is outdated. Go to the settings of your device and check if there is any update available. If you find any new update for your device, make sure you have a proper Internet connection and then update Android. Now, check if the problem is gone or not.

  • Fix damaged/broken/corrupt video file with Kernel Video Repair
  • If none of the tricks work for you, then most certainly you are facing a corruption issue with your video file. Corruption isn’t something you should take lightly, and so it needs utmost attention. The most reliable tool to fix corruption in a video file is by using Kernel Video Repair Tool. It is a reputed and result-oriented video repair software that repairs any sort of corruption in a video file. This tool is so powerful that it repairs video file(s) irrespective of their sizes, numbers and intensity of corruption. Also, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the video file. This tool makes sure that the video remains in its original state no matter what.


In this blog, we have discussed how to tackle video not playing issue in an Android phone. We have discussed the possible reasons for why video is not playing on your device. We also have discussed some hacks with which you can fix the issue. Finally we have discussed the corruption in the video file and the ways to fix it with Kernel Video Repair. Hope this blog has helped you.