Check 7 Significant Parameters for Selection of Right OST to PST Converter

Pritam Majumdar
Pritam Majumdar | Updated On - 07 Jan 2022 |

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It is at the time of Exchange disasters that administrators understand the real difficulties of not having an emailing system. The communication within and outside the organization fails affecting its revenues and the relations with the partners, clients, and customers. Fortunately, offline Outlook Data (OST) files that keep a local copy of the user’s Exchange mailbox data help them restore the user mailboxes quickly to establish a temporary emailing facility. This is done by letting end users access the OST files in Outlook after converting them to PST format. As PST files are readily portable, the same OST to PST conversion method is used by Outlook users who want to move their mailbox data to a different location.

How to Choose an OST to PST Converter?

Though many OST to PST converters are available in the market, it is really difficult for Outlook users to choose a tool that exactly meets their requirements. There are many parameters that you should consider while selecting an OST to PST conversion tool.

1) Maintenance of data integrity: One of the biggest fears of users in choosing an OST to PST conversion tool is the loss of data integrity. Be sure to check this aspect of the tool using its demo version. Go for a tool that can recover your data without harming its integrity.

2) Ease of use: Does it make sense to have a tool that you can’t even understand? No. The tool you purchase should be one with the simple interface so that you can operate it easily.

3) Provision for deleted data recovery: An OST PST conversion tool with the capability to retrieve deleted files is a real worthy investment to make. Whether you have accidentally deleted any file or permanently deleted it and want it back, a tool with deleted item restoration capability can be of great help.

4) Facility to convert selected OST items: Imagine a case where you have recovered the entire mailbox, but need to save the emails for a particular date only. How tedious and time-consuming it will be to go through the entire list and tweak out the ones requisite. On the contrary, if you have an option to filter your emails by a particular date, it will be very convenient for you.

5) Number & size of OST files: You can easily find numerous OST PST converter in the marketplace with different capacities to treat inaccessible OST files. Make sure you analyze your requirements closely and choose the one that can process any number of files with complete accuracy and efficiency. Also, check the maximum of size of OST files that can be converted to PST. It is advised to go for the free trial version to check tool’s performance and efficiency, before you purchase it.

6) OST file searching capability: It sometimes becomes difficult to remember the location of the file you wish to recover. The tool you invest in should be competent enough to search and find all the OST files available in the system so that it is easy for you to select the OST file.

7) Compatibility with your Outlook version: It is very essential to choose a tool that supports your Outlook version. It is very important when you use an older version or the newest version of Outlook. Go through the OST to PST converter software specifications and also check with the technical representative about the supported Outlook versions of the tool to make an informed purchase.

If the tool you have chosen stands the test of all these parameters, you have made a worthy investment. Additionally, there are numerous tools like Kernel for OST to PST that come with an advanced preview technology that let users verify the accuracy of conversion results.