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Summary: This article presents straightforward techniques for repairing corrupt Outlook PST files. It outlines manual methods, including using the built-in Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe), and recommends professional third-party tools like Kernel for Outlook PST Repair. These methods help users recover their valuable email data and restore Outlook functionality efficiently.

Outlook stores emails and other mailbox items in the form of PST files (Personal Storage files) on a user’s computer. However, like any other digital files, PST files are prone to corruption and damage. When PST files become corrupted, it results in the inaccessibility of emails and other mailbox items within Outlook. These inaccessibility issues can affect Outlook users across different versions of the software.

Following are the well-known reasons that lead to the PST file damage:

  • Abrupt system shut down where Outlook is in use
  • Improper closing of Outlook
  • Errors in physical storage media
  • Headers of PST files are internally damaged
  • 2GB file size limitation (if PST file has been created in Outlook versions earlier than Outlook 2007)
  • Malicious virus attacks

PST files can become damaged at any time due to the aforementioned reasons, placing users in a challenging predicament. When a PST file is compromised, MS Outlook loses the ability to access crucial items such as emails, notes, contacts, and calendars in your email account. In this blog, we will explore several solutions to address this issue when it occurs.

Manual Solutions:

Here is how you can repair your PST files with manual methods:

  • Creating New Outlook Account: Backup is the topmost solution to recover emails, contacts, etc. from damaged PST file. . If you have a backup of the damaged PST file, you can easily get email items back in just a few minutes by creating a new user account in Outlook. After creating a new user account, import the backup PST file in it, and you will get all your emails back.
  • If you do not have a backup of the damaged PST file, then you need to use the Microsoft Inbox Repair tool to repair the damaged PST file. After the tool has completed the recovery process, you will be able to access emails and related items in your current Outlook account. The good point about the Inbox Repair tool is you do not need to purchase it because it comes as a built-in Outlook repair tool. The following points help you use the Inbox Repair tool (also called Scanpst.exe):
    1. Click on Start button on the windows and then start the search.
    2. In Search Window, click the All files and folders link and then type Scanpst.exe.
    3. Double-click on the Scanpst.exe program will start.
    4. Browse the location of the damaged PST file according to the following given paths:
    5. Click Start. After the software has completed the scanning process, you can repair it, it displays the notification of the successful completion of the repair process.

While the software may indicate a successful repair process, there is a possibility that your PST file remains unrepaired. To verify the repair, attempt to access your emails via your Outlook account. If the file functions correctly, Outlook should work seamlessly with it. However, if issues persist, consider using a reputable third-party software to effectively repair the damaged PST file.

Automated Method:

Opting for a third-party tool is a dependable choice to recover emails, notes, contacts, to-do lists, and more from a damaged PST file. Such tools enable a swift and thorough repair of the damaged PST file, often completing the process in just a few minutes.

Kernel presents an unparalleled solution for repairing your Outlook Inbox. Utilizing the strong>Kernel for Outlook PST Repair Tool, you can effectively repair a wide range of damaged PST files. Let’s delve into how this tool achieves this.

  1. Start with clicking on the Browse button.
    Select PST file to repair
  2. Select the file you need to repair and click on Next.
    To repair PST and click on Next button
  3. Now, you can have a look inside the files and folders with the advanced preview feature. Click on Save to proceed further.
    Click on Save button
  4. Now select the format you want to save your file in and select PST File (MS Outlook) from the list and click on Next.
    select the format want to save recovered PST
  5. In the next step, apply filters. Here you can exclude the unwanted data. Click on Next to proceed.
    Check filters
  6. Now select the destination path for your repaired file and click on Finish.
    select the destination to save file
  7. Once the process is done, click on Ok and check the folder where you saved your file.
    process is done


In our discussion, we’ve explored both manual and automated approaches to repairing corrupted PST files. However, the automated method, as exemplified by Kernel for Outlook software, stands out for its ease, speed, and reliability. Leveraging rapid data recovery algorithms, this tool swiftly rectifies damaged PST files. Its user-friendly interface ensures accurate retrieval of emails, attachments, notes, contacts, and more. Furthermore, the software supports the recovery of emails from PST files across all Outlook versions, including Outlook 2019.

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