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Simple Methods to Repair Corrupt Outlook Inbox PST Files

Marvin Simmons Updated On - 13 May 2020

Repair Outlook Inbox

Emails created in Outlook are stored in the user’s computer in the form of PST files, and these Personal Storage files are susceptible to get damaged.

Following are the well-known reasons that lead to the PST file damage:

  • Abrupt system shut down when Outlook is in use
  • Improperly closing Outlook
  • Outlook errors
  • Errors in physical storage media
  • Headers of PST files are internally damaged
  • 2GB file size limitation (if PST file has been created in Outlook versions earlier than Outlook 2007)
  • Malicious virus attacks

Due to any of the reasons mentioned above, PST file can be damaged anytime leaving you in a dire situation. Once the PST file is damaged, MS Outlook fails to access emails, notes, contacts, calendars, etc. in your email account. In this blog, we are going to discuss a few solutions when you get stuck in such a problem.

Manual Solutions:

Here is how you can repair your PST files with manual methods:

  • Creating New Outlook Account: Backup is the topmost solution to recover emails, contacts, etc. from damaged PST file. If you have a backup of damaged PST file, then by creating a new user account in Outlook, you can easily get email items back in just a few minutes. After creating a new user account, import backup PST file in it and you will get all your emails back.
  • Using Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool: If you do not have a backup of damaged PST file, then you need to use Microsoft Inbox Repair tool to repair damaged PST file. After the tool has completed the recovery process, you will be able to access emails and related items in your current Outlook account. The good point about the Inbox Repair tool is you do not need to purchase it because it comes as a built-in Outlook repair tool. Following points help you use the Inbox Repair tool (also called Scanpst.exe):
    1. Click on Start button on the windows and then start the search.
    2. In Search Window, click All files and folders link and then type Scanpst.exe.
    3. Double-click on the Scanpst.exe program will start.
    4. Browse the location of the damaged PST file according to the following given paths:
      • Windows 98 or Windows Me: Disk Drive > Windows >Â Local Settings > Application Data
      • Windows NT 4.0: Disk Drive > WINNT > Profiles >username > Local Settings >Application Data
      • Windows XP or Windows Server 2003: Disk Drive > Documents and Settings > username >Local Settings >Application Data >Microsoft >Outlook
      • Windows Vista: Disk Drive > users > username > AppData > Local >Microsoft >Outlook
    5. Click Start. After the software has completed the repairing process, it displays the notification of the successful completion of the process.

Even though the software notifies that the process is performed successfully, there are chances that your PST file is not repaired at all. Try accessing your emails using your Outlook account. If the file is repaired successfully, then Outlook will work well with it, otherwise, try a reputed third-party software to repair the damaged PST file.

Automated Method:

A third-party tool is the last but reliable option for you to recover emails, notes, contacts, to do list, etc. back from damaged PST file. With a third-party tool, you can perfectly repair the damaged PST file in just a few minutes.

Kernel has come up with an unbeatable option to repair your Outlook Inbox. With the help of Kernel for Outlook PST Repair Tool, you can repair any sort of damaged PST file. Let’s see how.

  1. Start with clicking on the Browse button.
  2. Select PST file to repair

  3. Select the file you need to repair and click on Next.
  4. To repair PST and click on Next button

  5. Now, you can have a look inside the files and folders with the advanced preview feature. Click on Save to proceed further.
  6. Click on Save button

  7. Now select the format you want to save your file in and select PST File (MS Outlook) from the list and click on Next.
  8. select the format want to save recovered PST

  9. On the next step, apply filters. Here you can exclude the unwanted data. Click on Next to Proceed.
  10. Check filters

  11. Now select the destination path for your repaired file and click on Finish.
  12. select the destination to save file

  13. Once the process is done, click on Ok and check the folder where you saved your file.
  14. process is done


We have discussed how one can repair a corrupted PST file from both manual and automated methods. But as we can see how hassle-free, quick, and reliable the automated method is. Kernel for Outlook software uses quick data recovery algorithms due to which the tool quickly repairs the damaged PST file. With easy-to-understandable user interface, the software can recover all emails, attachments, notes, contacts, etc. with full accuracy. Moreover, the software can recover emails from PST files created in Outlook 97, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, and Outlook 2007.