Some Popular Cloud Solutions for Businesses

Himanshu Goyal
Himanshu Goyal | Updated On - 18 Mar 2021 |

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Almost every business, whether small, medium, or large, in every industry, is leveraging the benefits of cloud technologies not only to improve their IT capabilities but also to enhance their productivity and attain long-term growth. Implementing cloud solutions to your organization enables you to run your business smartly as well as more efficiently.

Also, moving to a cloud platform like Office 365 will help you protect your data from all types of threats and malware. Moreover, your employees will be able to store, share, and edit documents from anywhere. To make it clearer, we have mentioned some points that describe why businesses should move to the cloud.

Reasons to Move to the Cloud

There are multiple reasons behind moving to cloud platforms. Based on our research, we have identified these reasons:

  • Moving to the cloud helps you reduce the overall costs of your business
  • Gives you and your employees the flexibility to work and access your data from anywhere
  • With cloud computing, you get additional storage, features, and services as a need arises
  • Storing your data on cloud keeps it safe from all types of disasters, which traditional computing system does not offer
  • Multiple cloud computing solutions to choose from
  • Offer better collaboration between employees as compared to traditional computing solutions

So, if you have made your mind to move to the cloud, then here are some cloud solutions that will help you migrate from any platform to the Cloud.

Kernel Office 365 Migration

If you’re already using Office 365, but want to move to another Office 365 tenant, then Kernel Office 365 Migration tool can make the overall migration process easier and convenient for you.

It compliments multiple features, such as:

  • Migrate between Office 365 tenants
  • Advanced filtering options to migrate selective data
  • Automate migration process with a CSV file
  • Migrate every item, such as emails, journals, appointments, distribution lists, attachments, etc.
  • Easy mapping of source mailboxes with destination mailboxes
  • Supports hosted Exchange and on-premises Exchange for migrations

Kernel IMAP to Office 365

When you want to migrate from IMAP email servers to Office 365, you can take help from this software. Kernel IMAP to Office 365 provides a complete migration for more than 20 IMAP email clients to Office 365. A genuine review of the software is available on

The features offered by IMAP to Office 365 Migration are as follows:

  • Capable of migrating single/multiple IMAP mailboxes to Office 365
  • Selective migration of data with filtering options
  • Compatible with almost every IMAP email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Amazon, WorkMail, AOL, etc.

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint

SharePoint is an excellent collaborative platform that is available with Office 365 subscription as well as individually. Kernel Migrator for SharePoint allows you to migrate your data from multiple platforms to SharePoint quickly. Expert-Exchange has rated Kernel Migrator for SharePoint as one of the best SharePoint migration tools.

The features of Kernel Migrator for SharePoint are as follows:

  • Quick and secure SharePoint to SharePoint migration
  • Allow migrating from File System and Public Folder to SharePoint
  • Perform Google Drive to Google Drive migration quickly
  • Option to automate the migration jobs with an inbuilt scheduler

Kernel Amazon WorkMail to Office 365

With a rating of 4 stars, Softpedia has termed Kernel Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 as a secure and reliable migration tool for Amazon WorkMail. The reason behind its popularity is the advanced features and the smart algorithms that are used to build this software.

The extensive features of Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 Migration software include:

  • Migrate all the mailbox data, such as emails, contacts, appointments, etc.
  • Perform migration to hosted & on-premises Exchange servers
  • Quick mapping of WorkMail mailboxes to Office 365 before migration
  • Allow migrating selective data pre-filtration options

Kernel Import PST to Office 365

Rated as one of the best Import PST tools by CNET, Kernel Import PST to Office 365 can be very helpful in migrating data from your PST file to Office 365 mailboxes. It allows you to import both OST and PST files to your Office 365 Primary mailboxes, public folders, or archive mailboxes. Apart from that, Import PST to Office 365 tool offers excellent functionalities and flexibility for the import process.

The smart features of Office 365 include:

  • Import OST & PST files to Office 365 mailboxes
  • Bulk migration of PST and OST files to Office 365 accounts
  • Allow mapping of PST mailboxes with Office 365 mailboxes
  • Selective migration of PST mailboxes based on specific criteria
  • Support Office 365 Groups and shared mailboxes

Kernel Office 365 Backup & Restore

To resolve most of the cloud platform users’ basic requirement of Office 365 backup and restore, a 2-in-1 software is developed which took little time to be in demand in the market. It can backup Office 365 content to PST format from one tab and restore PST files directly to Office 365 from the Restore tab.

The overwhelming features that make you understand the smart nature of the tool are presented here.

  • Backup Office 365 to PST and restore PST to Office 365
  • Supports backup and restore of on-premises/hosted Exchange Server
  • Supports backup and restore to Office 365 groups, shared mailboxes, public folders, archived mailboxes, and regular mailboxes
  • Multiple integrated filter options for selective backup and restore
  • Backup and restore everything – emails, contacts, attachments, etc.

Kernel G Suite to Office 365

Not so old tool yet has become popular as it is a standalone application that delivers the most advanced and easiest G Suite to Office 365 migration to its users. It is known for its direct and centric approach towards moving only desired content to the cloud platform. The tool is built with .logical algorithms and advanced features providing limitless migration in the least possible time.

Know some of the major highlighted features of this cloud solution.

  • Migrates G Suite emails, contacts, calendars, and hangout chats
  • Migrates emails from G Suite to Office 365 shared mailboxes public folders, archived mailboxes, and regular mailboxes
  • Integration of smart filters to select and move desired data only
  • Automated migration facility with mapped CSV file
  • Supports direct migration of G Suite content to Office 365

Wrap Up

It is widely known that Office 365 provides enterprise-level services and functionalities for businesses to facilitate their expansion and growth. Thus, if you are still relying on traditional storage methods and servers, then it is high time you migrate to the cloud. And to make your migration easier from any platform, you can leverage the power of the above-mentioned cloud solutions that are ideal for both businesses and individuals.