Plan to Migrate Office 365 (Microsoft 365) to Hosted Exchange

Aftab Alam | Updated On - 07 Apr 2021 |

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Today most of the businesses have employees working in different geographical locations. In such scenarios, it is quite essential to maintain efficient communication between employees and provide instant replies to the queries. Here comes hosted Exchange to your rescue. Like Office 365, it also seen as a cloud version of on-premises Exchange Server, maintained by hosted Exchange service providers.

There are many hosted Exchange providers who make Microsoft Email Server available to enterprises from third-party servers and allow you to place your data on their servers. It is the provider who maintains the client’s data at the server, but the client can use it as a service. The hosted Exchange is installed the third-party servers. It provides some significant advantages to your business like the following:

  • Robust Security
    The hosted Exchange vendors provide enterprise-level security and protect your professional communication from any external threats. Nowadays, the security arrangements of hosted platforms are far better than the on-premises security settings. So, subscribers can easily meet with compliance standards like ISO 27001, FISMA, and HIPPA. Thus, the business owner can breathe easy regarding the security features of hosted Exchange.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Installing and managing hosted Exchange is more economical than maintaining on-premises Exchange Server. The expense of on-premises Exchange Server includes the expenses for the whole infrastructure like Windows Server, hardware, software, and server systems. Also, there are other expenditures like firewall and third-party anti-malware.

    In the hosted Exchange, you just have to pay the subscription fee only. Also, you can easily upgrade or downgrade the Exchange services and pay accordingly. With hosted Exchange also, you can choose the version of Exchange Server you need (as you do with on-premises Exchange).

  • Instant subscription
    The hosted Exchange is instantly available. You don’t have to analyze your requirements in deep and plan for the infrastructure accordingly. The vendor always maintains enough infrastructure to provide service as per the need of the subscribers. The Exchange provider has to maintain an SSAE-18 compliant data center and avail the data at an accuracy rate of 99.999 percent. Subscribers can easily change their plans as the need arises.
  • Regular updates
    The hosted Exchange vendor always updates the hosted Exchange environment with the latest updates and patches coming from Microsoft or any other applications. You can also choose to ask the vendor to update any specific application as per your need. You can also manually choose to take a backup of Hosted Exchange to a PST file within the Outlook application configured with hosted Exchange account.
  • Accessibility
    You can synchronize the hosted exchange account with multiple types of devise like laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. and access the email, calendar, and other applications like the other email services.
  • Increased Productivity
    As the business does not require to invest heavily in the hardware and other important resources because the provider has already created it. So, you can invest more time in planning your business strategies and increase productivity. You can also deviate your monetary resources to promote your business at a better level.
  • Enterprise-level infrastructure
    The top industry leaders in the hosted Exchange market have designed their online products in the enterprise-level with the best services included in their subscription plans. If you have a small-scale business, then rather than going for an on-premises Exchange and maintaining its cost, you can gain the same benefits at a more competitive price and lower management required.
  • Email availability
    The emails present in the hosted exchange mailboxes are available like any email platform and due to the robust networking done in hosted exchange, there will be no delay in email communication with any kind of device or connection.
  • Anti-virus protection
    Apart from getting the regular security updates, many hosted exchange providers also gives the add-on feature to install the anti-virus program to the exchange. The program will work on all the devices where you want to access the mailbox content.

Thus, hosted Exchange Server offers competitive price, instant subscription, and scalability to meet all your email server requirements. And there are numerous providers who are ready to assist you in any email management needs.

Because of these advantages, many Office 365 users migrate to hosted Exchange. Some hosted Exchange providers provide migration services too, but not all. In such situations, you need a professional tool for migration from Office 365 to hosted Exchange.

Here is a tool which can use to migrate your Office 365 mailboxes to hosted Exchange directly, Kernel Migrator for Exchange – Express Edition. With this tool, you do not need to ask your provider for migration services but can conduct a safe migration on your own.

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Kernel Migrator for Exchange – Express Edition

It is a migrator tool specially designed to cater to every migration need related to any version of Exchange Server or Office 365. It can access mailbox(es) from your Office 365 account and place them to hosted Exchange account. Let’s check the working procedure of the tool in detail;

  1. Run the software and click the Add button at the Add Source section.
    Software home screen
  2. Input the login credentials of Office 365 account click the Add button.
    Login Office 365
  3. After adding the Office 365 account, now click the Add button at the Add Destination section.
    Add destination section
  4. Here, input the Server name of hosted Exchange, the login ID, and its password. Finally, click Add.
    Input the server name of hosted Exchange
  5. After adding both the accounts, you need to map the source and destination account by using the Select drop-down.
    Map the source and destination account
  6. After mapping the accounts, click the Set Filter and Migrate button.
    Click filter option
  7. Here, you can select the Mailbox, Archive Mailbox, and Public Folder for both accounts. Click the Migrate button.
    Click the Migrate button
  8. There are multiple filtering options like Folder Selection, Date Filter, Item type filter, Exclude Deleted Folder, Exclude Deleted Folders, and skip previously migrated items. Apply the required filters and click I am OK, Start Migration button.
    click on I am OK, Start Migration
  9. The migration has started. You can click the Stop button and stop the ongoing migration.
    Click on stop button to stop migration
  10. After completing the migration, the tool gives you a message. Click the OK button.
    Migration finish
  11. Click the option ‘Save report to CSV’ and get a migration report consisting status of each mailbox item.
    Save report to CSV

Kernel Migrator for Exchange – Express Edition is an easy to use migrator software which removes all the difficulties in complex Exchange migrations and safely migrates an unlimited number of mailboxes to any account. This tool can be used for safe and secure Office 365 to hosted Exchange migrations.

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