Performance Issues in Outlook 2007 & How to Improve?

Lambert Butler | Updated On - 24 Mar 2021 |

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While working with Microsoft Outlook 2007, various performance issues may crop up. You need to act diligently once you come across performance issue. Main symptoms on eruption of performance issue are:

  • Outlook 2007 becoming unresponsive.
  • Outlook 2007 stops responding for a long time.

Let’s have a look at the reasons behind Outlook 2007 performance issues.  The performance issues may be caused by one or more of the following:

  • Insufficient computer specifications – Computer must meet the system requirements for the 2007 Microsoft Office suite that you are using, for avoiding any kind of irrelevant performance issue.
  • Latest service pack for Outlook 2007 not installed You must run Outlook 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1) with latest cumulative update. Outlook 2007 SP1 includes the changes from the performance update.
  • Large PST or OST – Having large PST or OST file results in application pauses during typical operations in Outlook.
  • Outlook .ost files or .pst files stored on a drive with insufficient write performance
  • Third-party add-ins – If you have installed nonessential add-ins, you may need to remove them from Outlook for resolving performance issue.
  • Gadgets accessing Outlook data – On a Windows Vista-based computer, remove any gadgets that you downloaded to show your Outlook data.
  • Microsoft Office Communicator integration Disable Microsoft Office Communicator which integrates with Outlook.
  • Antivirus software interaction If antivirus software is running, then disable any antivirus software add-ins that is installed in Outlook.
  • Windows Desktop Search indexing
  • Incomplete closure of PST files or OST files If PST or OST file has shut down incorrectly then performance issues do arise.
  • POP3 accounts on Windows Vista clients
  • Many Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds – If you are synchronizing many RSS feeds into Outlook, you may experience performance issues.
  • To-Do Bar is running in online mode with Exchange server

If above points are taken care of then chances are less for any kind of performance issue in Outlook 2007. PST corruptions can lead to disasters of email loss, outlook repair software helps. These tools will repair outlook PST file and perform PST email recover efficiently and accurately.