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Password Protect MS Office 2003 Documents

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With the increased risk of leaking confidential data to un-authorized users, it is vital to protect your documents with the strong passwords. Mostly people want to protect their documents with a complex password but do not know the way. They want to use complex passwords that cannot be easily cracked by anyone.

Microsoft Office suite, the well known application for creating documents, presentations, databases, worksheets are provided with a feature of password protection that allows you to easily protect your confidential documents from prying eyes. Therefore, if you are using Microsoft Office 2003 then perform the simple and easy steps to password protect / encrypt your Office 2003 Documents (.doc, .xls, .ppt)

  1. Open the document (.doc, .xls, .ppt), you want to protect with password
  2. Click Tools, then Click Options
  3. Click Security tab and then click Advanced button.
  4. Scroll down the encryption type and click RC4, Microsoft Enhanced RSA and AES Cryptographic Provider. By default, the Encrypt document properties box is checked and the Key Length is 128. Confirm both the fields and click OK
  5. Two boxes are available in the Options window: Password to Open and Password to modify. Type the password in the Password to Open box and click OK. Type the password in the Password to modify box also, if you want reviewers to enter a password before they can save changes to the document. But this password needs to be different from the Password to Open box.
  6. Re-enter Password to Open and click OK
  7. Click File and then click Save As or click Save, if you have saved the document
  8. Type the file name in Filename and click Save

Once you are done with the above procedure to protect your MS Office 2003 documents, relief yourself from getting the risks of un-authorized access of your confidential and private document. Make sure that the password, you are providing is strong enough that will be hard for anyone to crack.

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