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Megha Sharma
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Social media is very popular now due to the high activity of users of almost all ages on these platforms. One of the most popular social platforms is Facebook, introduced by Mark Zuckerberg. Due to its immense popularity, one cannot think of a word without it now. Though there are many advantages to these new-age mediums like Facebook, it often has to take blame for making people lazy and less productive, especially in working environments. So, many organizations are concerned about this situation.

How does Social Media Affect Employee Productivity?

Working on a social media platform like Facebook for personal interests like chatting, checking feeds, posting and commenting on personal images/videos are unethical activities from the workplace point of view. It would lead to loss of productivity and wastage of time which would otherwise be utilized for the work. So how can this issue be addressed?

Organizations can think of blocking sites like Facebook completely. But in this era of digital and social media marketing, it may not be possible completely as employees will have to perform a lot of work-related activities on social media.

Employees have to post or follow product links, company social media accounts, product videos, etc. Also, employees may be interacting with clients or communicating with some stake holders. So, a complete ban on social media may not be feasible in modern workplaces. However, organizations can ensure that employees who have been provided this duty works with dedication and use it only for activities needed for their job. But how this can be done effectively?

The management can consider monitoring employee systems. However, manual monitoring would take more effort and is always inefficient. So, it is crucial to have an automatic social media monitoring tool in the organization.

Social Media Activity Monitoring

When an organization intends to monitor the desired employees’ systems in order to know how they are spending time on these social media platforms, i.e., for personal use or professional use, they can do it using an employee desktop monitoring tool. This monitoring includes a complete recording of all activities performed by the employee. However, it is important that it is performed stealthily and done without any disturbance to the employees’ work.

How does Facebook Activity Monitoring Help in Business Growth?

We would like to discuss some benefits of employee computer monitoring software that helps to increase productivity in any organization:

  • Saves Time
    By the software-based monitoring of employee screens, the extra time spent on the manual inspection is saved. Also, direct interaction between the manager and the employee is not needed. This also saves a lot of time.
  • Reduces Extra Expenses
    With a one-time investment in the monitoring tool, the regular expenses on the manual monitoring or task inspection would be eliminated. Also, regular monitoring would help to improve business processes.
  • Better Productivity
    With a sense of being monitored, employees in the organization would prefer avoiding activities like using social media for personal use. This leads to enhanced productivity.
  • Data Security
    With proper employee monitoring, any access or modification to confidential data can be noticed immediately, and further data loss or misuse can be avoided. Thus, there are very fewer chances of data loss.

Now, considering all these benefits, we propose the best solution, which is the Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool, a professional, employee activity monitoring tool. The tool has a simple GUI and can be used by anyone with little technical knowledge. Here are the major features of this efficient employee monitoring tool.

  • Un-interrupted and continuous monitoring
  • Multiple screen monitoring
  • Offline monitoring with video recording and watching facility
  • Monitoring of systems in different regions
  • Delegate viewing rights
  • Emergency alerts and automatic restart/shutdown actions

Monitoring multiple systems with Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool

If you want to know more specifically about this tool, get the personal experience from its website by downloading the free version of the Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool.

Final Words

To avoid any illegal or unethical activities on workstations via social media platforms like Facebook, installing an efficient employee system monitoring tool is necessary. And the Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool is the best tool to do Facebook activity monitoring on employee systems.

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