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Summary: Businesses migrating from GroupWise to Office 365 face challenges, particularly with GroupWise archives. Locating and migrating these archives can be complex. Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange is a tool designed to simplify this process. It allows you to select the archive mailbox directly and completes the migration efficiently. Whether moving to Office 365, Live Exchange, or Outlook PST, this tool streamlines the migration process.

GroupWise users benefit from a collaborative platform encompassing email, contacts, documents, and Personnel Information System (PIS). However, the shift to flexible cloud platforms like Office 365 has become prominent. Office 365 offers essential Microsoft tools such as MS Office Suite, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, and Yammer, accessible from anywhere. Businesses are seeking methods or tools to migrate data from GroupWise to Office 365 or opt for a hybrid deployment, combining GroupWise to on-premises Exchange to harness Office 365’s features.

Migration of GroupWise Archives to Office 365/Exchange

A significant challenge in migrating GroupWise to Office 365 is identifying and migrating the GroupWise archive. The archive is typically stored on a local drive or network folder, with its location determined by the GroupWise client. This decentralized setup makes it challenging for others to pinpoint the archive’s location. Failing to locate the archive can lead to an incomplete and potentially error-ridden migration.

For a successful migration, it’s crucial to employ a migration tool well-versed in GroupWise environments. Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange is such a tool, offering the ability to select the archive mailbox’s location directly. This streamlined process minimizes the steps required for migration and allows data to be saved directly to Office 365, live Exchange, or Outlook PST.

GroupWise to Live Exchange

Let’s explore the straightforward migration process from GroupWise to Exchange/Office 365.
Here is the process from the beginning:

  1. Launch the software. On the home screen, you will see the following options to select:
    • Multiple mailboxes using Proxy or (Online, Remote mailbox, caching mailbox, and archive).
    • Multiple mailboxes using Batch File.
      Because you want to migrate the archive, so click the first option. Click Next.
      Launch GroupWise to Exchange migration tool
  2. Check the option ‘Show Archive,’ and there are two options:
    • Use the Default Archive path.
    • Specify Archive Path.
      If you did not change the location of the archive path, then choose the default archive path. Otherwise, click the browse button and select the archive path. Click Next.

      Specify Archive Path

  3. The tool requires the login credentials of the GroupWise account. Provide the full details like User Name, Password, and Online Address/Caching mailbox path/remote mailbox path. Click OK.
    Enter login credentials of GroupWise account
  4. The archive mailbox is displayed. You can visit any folder, item and get its preview. Select the required folders and click Export.

    Preview archive mailbox

  5. Select the second option ‘Save to Live Exchange/Office 365’. Click OK.
    Save to Live Exchange/Office 365
  6. The wizard shows two separate options where you can provide the details.
    Provide details about Live Exchange and Office 365
  7. Provide the Domain Name, User Name, and Password. Then click, OK.
    Provide Domain Name, User Name, and Password
    Note: For Office 365, you can provide User ID and Password.
  8. Select the destination Exchange Server and User Mailbox from the drop-down. Click OK.
    Select the destination Exchange Server and User Mailbox
  9. Perform the mapping for source archive with destination Exchange mailbox. You can click the Mapping button for further mapping.
    Perform the mapping for source archive with destination
  10. Select the target Exchange mailboxes and click OK.
    Select the target Exchange mailboxes
  11. The Export Options wizard brings different filters like Select item types and Specify date filters. Click Export.
    Select item types and Specify date filters
  12. The migration starts for the archive data.
    Migration starts for the archive data
    You can choose to click the Stop button and stop the migration.
Migrate Archive to Office 365

The process of migrating the Archive data to Office 365 is entirely similar to the process for Exchange. Here, you need to input the details for Office 365 credentials; click the OK button.
Input the details for Office 365 credentials
The further process remains the same as for Exchange, including the mapping of the mailboxes and applying filters.


Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange supports GroupWise users looking to transition to more advantageous platforms like Exchange Server and Office 365. Its intuitive user interface simplifies GroupWise mailbox data selection, filtering, and mapping to the destination. Post-migration, accessing your data at the destination is hassle-free.

Kernel for GroupWise to Exchange