Migrate G Suite Contacts to Office 365 in Bulk

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Google has been a market leader in providing useful apps to us in every front of our day to day lives. We can manage emails, contacts, appointments, notes, etc. using a single Google account. However, we use these apps for personal use generally. But all these apps are available for professional use in a cloud platform called Google Workspace (also known as G Suite). But when we compare the benefits of the professional cloud platforms, Office 365 gains more points because of the applications present in it. They can handle the business requirements more effectively, and there are multiple plans to choose the desired applications.

Many users who are using G Suite are now moving to Office 365, but many are facing difficulties as there are no easy methods to migrate the data from G Suite to Office 365.

However, if you are using your G Suite account in the Outlook, then you can use the simple import/export option to migrate the specific data to Office 365.

Migrate G Suite Contacts to Office 365 Manually

First, ensure that your Outlook is configured with your G Suite account.

  1. After opening the Outlook application, click the File option.
  2. Click the Open & Export option and choose Import/Export.choose Import/Export option
  3. Click Export to a file. Then click Next.Click Export to a file option
  4. Choose the first option of Comma Separate Values, then click Next.Choose first option Comma Separate Values
  5. Choose the Contacts folder, and then click Next.Select Contacts folder
  6. Use the Browse button to provide the location to save the CSV file. Also, provide the name to the CSV file. Then click Next.Provide location to save CSV file
  7. The wizard will show the upcoming action that it will perform. Click Finish.Click on finish

The contacts will be saved in the CSV file. Now, you can import the CSV file using similar steps in Outlook, where Office 365 account is configured. However, use the Import from another program or file option from the Import and Export Wizard.

Limitation of Manual Method

The manual method works only for a single account, and both source and destination accounts should be present in the Outlook application. Some disadvantages with the manual way of migration are indirect and lengthy processes, need for Outlook installation, etc. G Suite configuration in Outlook If you want to migrate the contacts in bulk (from multiple mailboxes), then you can do it using a professional tool only.

G Suite Contacts Migration Using Kernel G Suite to Office 365

Kernel G Suite to Office 365 is a migrator tool for migrating unlimited data from G Suite accounts to Office 365. There are smart filters by which you can only migrate G Suite contacts to Office 365.

Benefits of Kernel G Suite to Office 365
  • Multiple or bulk G Suite account migration to Office 365
  • Convenient addition of G Suite account with the service account ID and P12 path key
  • Direct G Suite to Office 365 migration with no need for other applications
  • No restrictions on data size and number of mailboxes
  • Migrate Gmail, Contacts, Chats, Calendar/Appointments separately
  • Swift mapping and migration from G Suite to Office 365 archive, shared, regular mailboxes, public folders, and groups
  • Moves data flexibly with smart filters and options like incremental migration and more
  • Saves migration summary in CSV file format

Follow the below process with the help of related images-

  1. Start the software after installing it. On the home screen, you can see the options for adding source and destination accounts. Click the Add button in Source.Click on Add button
  2. Input Google Workspace Super Admin account email ID, its service account, and the P 12 key. Then choose List all mailboxes using the above credentials. Click Get User Mailbox(es) to enlist all the accounts present under the Super Administrator.Click on Get User Mailbox(es)
  3. Choose such accounts whose contacts you want to migrate. Then click the Add button.Choose accounts to add
  4. Click the Add button in the Add destination section.Click on Add button in Add destination section
  5. Input the Global Administrator credentials of the Office 365 account and choose the second option to list the mailboxes. Then click Get User Mailbox(es).Click on Get User Mailbox(es)
  6. After selecting the destination accounts, click the Add option.Click on Add option
  7. There is a simple drop-down facility at the destination side where you can map the source and destination accounts.Map the source and destination accounts
  8. Click Set Filter and Migrate.Click Set Filter and Migrate
  9. To migrate the content to the public folder or archive mailbox, then you can it here. Then click the Migrate button.Click on Migrate button
  10. On the filter page, you need to check the option for Contacts only (uncheck other options if you want to migrate only the contacts). Apply additional filters, and then click I am OK, Start Migration.Uncheck other options if you want to migrate only the contacts
  11. The tool will migrate only the contacts of the G Suite accounts. Click OK after the completion.Only contacts will migrated
  12. To get the report of the migration, click the Save report to CSV option. Click OK.Save report on CSV
Software Video Guide to Migrate G Suite Contacts to Office 365



Whenever there is a need for the migration of G Suite contacts to Office 365 occurs, you should not take any chances, but use Kernel G Suite to Office 365 immediately. It will not only migrate the data but also will place it in their respective folders. So, the contacts will go directly to the contact folder at the destination. You can migrate unlimited data from multiple mailboxes using this tool.