Instant Google Drive for Business to OneDrive for Business Migration

Megha Sharma | Updated On - 30 Dec 2020 |

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This blog is to suggest a quick method to move Google Drive for Business to OneDrive for Business.

With the emergence of numerous cloud platforms, some users think of moving their data from one cloud platform to another for security purposes, professional requirements, or personal preferences. For example, some users prefer saving their data to OneDrive for Business of Office 365 than on Google Drive. However, this switchover is not that easy. They can adopt manual methods for Google Drive for Business to OneDrive for Business migration. However, data is migrated in that case with no customization options for the users. But, facilities like customized migration and permissions migration will not be there with the native method.

That is why we recommend a trust-worthy and efficient tool with advanced features. We bring you the Kernel Migrator for SharePoint software, which offers SharePoint migrations, Google Drive for Business to OneDrive for Business migration, and more in a smooth and perfect manner. Let us see the working of the tool.

Easy Migration from Google Drive to OneDrive with Kernel Migrator for SharePoint

Please note that you need to download and install the Google Drive for Business application and login with your credentials so that the Google Drive data is available on your system drive for migration.

Once the pre-requisite is met, let us move on to the migration. Install the Kernel Migrator for SharePoint on your system and perform these steps.

  1. Launch the Kernel Migrator for SharePoint software. You will see in the Source panel that Google Drive for Business is added in the File System.
    Kernel Migrator for SharePoint software
  2. To add the OneDrive for Business as the destination, go to the OneDrive for Business option in the Destination panel, right-click on it and select Add OneDrive for Business option.
    add the OneDrive for Business as the destination
  3. On the Add OneDrive for Business page, enter the Project name, Site address, username, password, etc. Click OK.
    Add OneDrive for Business
  4. The OneDrive for Business got added as the destination. Now, go to the source panel and select the file items for migration. Right-click and select Copy to ? OneDrive for Business.
    added as the destination
  5. Next, you will get the dialogue box, namely File System to OneDrive Migration. Here, all the selected files are listed, and you get flexible options to add more files and folders, even remote ones.
    File System to OneDrive Migration
  6. After the addition of data, click Next to continue.
    click Next to continue
  7. Here, you need to select the migration type – Simple (for migration to personal storage) or Bulk (for migration to selected users), add other details (if not added automatically), and click Next.
    select the migration type
  8. Select the users and click Next to continue.
    Select the users
  9. On this page, you get various types of filters for selective migration. Choose and apply as per your requirements and click Next.
     types of filters for selective migration
  10. Check the option to migrate the permissions (if required). Click Next.
    Check the option to migrate the permissions
  11. Select the migration timing (Execute immediate or Schedule) and click Next.
    Select the migration timing
  12. View the summary details carefully and click Next to migrate.
    View the summary details
  13. The migration process will get started. After some time, the migration process will get completed and will show the status. Finally, click Finish.
    migration process will get started

Hence, migration from Google Drive for Business to OneDrive for Business is accomplished. Thanks to the advanced and robust SharePoint Migration toolKernel Migrator for SharePoint.

As the tool’s interface suggests, it supports other migrations as well including SharePoint (On-premises and Online), File System, Remote File System to SharePoint, Google Drive to another account, etc. So, our only suggestion is to rely on this tool for quick, efficient and secure migrations.

Wrapping Up

The blog provides a perfect automated solution for Google Drive for Business to OneDrive for Business migration. It mentions the shortcomings of manual solutions and then it explains the working of Kernel Migrator for SharePoint step by step, letting users get knowledge about the features and functionalities of the tool.