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Learn how to access Word, Excel and PowerPoint Files in the absence of Microsoft Office

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Microsoft Office suite enhances productivity and efficiency in the organization. Its prominent products MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint help users in creating and editing necessary documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. These products allow users to embed images, videos, tables, text, hyperlinks and many other elements to make the documents, spreadsheets, or presentations rich in content. However, not every user in the organization may have MS Office installed on the system, which prevents them from accessing and editing the required MS Office files. But, now this is not an issue. There are many online and offline options by which they can effortlessly access, edit, save and share the MS Office documents. Some of the alternatives have been discussed below:

Open Office suite to access Word, Excel and PowerPoint files:

Open Office is a free suite available for accessing Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Sun Microsystems has developed this free suite as an alternative to the MS Office suite. It lets user access MS Office files in any Windows, Linux or Mac systems. It has alternatives to MS Office applications such as Open Office Impress for PowerPoint, Open Office Calc for Excel and Open Office Writer for Word. Therefore, users don’t need to pay a hefty amount to buy MS Office to open a file. They can just download and install this freeware to get the work done.

Google Docs to open, edit, save and share MS Office files:

Most of the times the necessity of MS Office arises when an MS Office file has been shared with the user via email or any other means. Google Docs lets user open and edit MS Office files in such situation easily. For accessing Office files through this platform, user is required to possess a Google account only. With Google Docs user can open, edit and save any Word, PowerPoint and Excel file.

Office Online for accessing Office files:

Office Online is a free solution from Microsoft to access and edit MS Office files. One can use Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online free with a Microsoft account. It let users, open, edit and share Office documents as required, from anywhere and from any device.

Office file Viewer Programs by Microsoft to open MS Office files:

If the user does not wish to edit or save the files, then Microsoft Office Viewer programs can be installed with the sole purpose of viewing the files. Freeware like Microsoft Word Viewer, Excel Viewer and PowerPoint can be downloaded to access required files.

Third-party MS Office File Repair Suite:

In case users cannot access the Office files due to some damage or corruption of the file, then they can obtain a third-party MS Office Repair Suite like Kernel MS Office File Repair Suite to access inaccessible Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. This suite helps user in viewing the files after recovery, but does not help in editing them.

Apart from the above-discussed options, there are other MS Office file accessing options like Lotus Symphony and LibreOffice, which support unlimited file formats associated with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Depending on the requirements and situation, users can choose any of the alternatives discussed in this blog to access MS Office files easily.

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