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How to find PST File?

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MS Outlook storage file (.PST) is an important database file, as Outlook stores all the e-mail, contacts, calendar, notes, journals, to-do list, drafts, deleted items folder etc. in a single PST file. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to know the location where PST file is residing.

Suppose you have reinstalled Outlook or your computer, you may need the backup of PST file in future. It would be worthy if you know the exact location of the Outlook PST file. If you go on searching for it, it might take time but one can always search by typing *.pst in Search box and searching on the drives. Knowing the location of PST file will work for you in any way. Creating backup of PST file will be easy if you are aware of the location of PST file.

These PST files are used by almost all versions and editions of Outlook products, including Outlook 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007. The .PST files are hidden inside a deep rooted nested folder under respective user directory.

It’s actually very easy to locate the exact location of Outlook PST file (Personal Storage File). Just follow the given steps and location of the PST will be revealed.

Open Outlook 98 or Outlook 2000

Select View / Folders

Right click on Personal Folders

Select Properties from Personal Folders

Click on the Advanced button

It will show the path and name of the current PST file, under filename

In the Filename text box, the complete path and file name of the .PST file is shown. Then navigate to the location of your PST file. Right click and select copy for saving purpose. Now right click and select paste on your desktop. Then burn it to a disk, floppy or move it to a flash drive for safe keeping.

If you are using latest Outlook 2007 version, then simply

  • Go to File menu
  • Select Data File Management

A list of all data files used by Outlook, including archives will be displayed. Click on the file for which you want to know the location. After that, click on Open Folder ¦ button. Windows Explorer window will open that leads directly to the folder.

This way, you find the location of Outlook PST file. If you are caught in the midst of PST file corruption, then Kernel for Outlook is the best utility to repair PST file for recovering all the email items in a PST file. Restore PST file with free evaluation of the software and see if it works in your case of data loss.

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