How To Activate Free Data Recovery Software?

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If you’re worried about recovering your deleted Windows data, then you don’t have to worry anymore as we are giving you a free Windows data recovery software.

Kernel for Windows Data Recovery Free version is an innovative utility that is designed to fill your needs of Windows data recovery. Whether you want to recover missing images or permanently deleted videos, this software can help you recover everything that your computer stores.

Now, you must be thinking about what makes this software different from other Windows data recovery software. We are going to highlight the extensive features of this utility in this article.

Features of Free Windows Data Recovery Software

Kernel Windows Data Recovery – Free Version is an instant solution to recover missing or permanently deleted data. It comes with many advanced features that make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Recover media files
  • It is a fact that almost everyone store’s media files like images, videos, movies, and songs on their systems. When this data goes missing, it becomes very frustrating to retrieve it. However, with the Free Data Recovery software, you can quickly recover every multimedia files from your system, without compromising with the quality of files.

  • Recover from corrupt disk/drive partitions
  • This software allows you to select and scan the corrupt hard disk/drives partitions from your system, and then extract every file from them. Even if you have multiple partitions, you can select each partition separately and recover data from it.

  • Restore permanently deleted files
  • We often tend to permanently delete some data or empty the Recycle Bin on our computers, and later realize that it had some crucial information. But, once the Recycle Bin is empty, the data in it is permanently removed from the system. The Free data recovery software is capable of recovering every permanently deleted file from your system, even after an accidental or intentional deletion.

  • Three different scanning methods
  • Another exclusive feature of the Free Windows Data Recovery software is its three different scanning methods – Quick Scan, Deep Scan, and File Trace. The Quick Scan provides you the recently deleted data, the Deep Scan performs in-depth scanning of drive/disk to recover the entire data, and the File Trace restores specific file types that are stored on your computer.

  • Recover data from removable drives
  • We all use pen drives, USB flash drives, external hard disks, and memory cards to store some extra files. And corruption can occur to any digital device and make our data inaccessible. With Free Data Recovery software, you can even recover deleted data files from external drives.

Installing Free Windows Data Recovery Software

It’s a simple process to activate the Free Data Recovery Software. First, you need to download the Free data recovery software

Once the tool is downloaded, double-click the installer file and follow the instructions.

Kernel for Windows Data Recovery

Limitation of Free Windows Data Recovery Software

With the Free Windows Data Recovery software, you can only save up to 2 GB of data. Though the software will recover and display all the deleted data, you will only be able to save only 2 GB of data.

Select files & folders to recover

Activating Free Windows Data Recovery Software

So, what the best option to recover unlimited data?
Well, it’s best to upgrade to the premium version of the Windows Data Recovery software that offers an unlimited saving of recovered data from your system.

Kernel for Windows Data Recovery

It is the upgraded version of free windows data recovery software that is designed with the same algorithms, the only difference between this version and the free version is that it allows you to save unlimited recovered data from your system. You can directly purchase the upgraded version from the below link:

Save unlimited recovered data from your system


We all store crucial data on our Windows computers. But, sometimes due to unknown reasons, the data gets deleted or become inaccessible due to corruption. In such situations, recovering data becomes difficult. Keeping that scenario in mind, we have mentioned here a free Windows data recovery software that can easily recover and restore deleted files. We also have shown how you can activate this tool to recover the entire data.

Kernel for Windows Data Recovery