How Employee Monitoring Tool Helps in Boosting Employees’ Productivity?

Aftab Alam
Aftab Alam | Updated On - 22 Dec 2020 |

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In organizations, each employee is directly responsible for contributing to the organization’s growth and its overall productivity. However, organizations have will have to take a proactive approach to increase the productivity as it does not improve on its own. And employee monitoring is a common strategy followed by organizations to improve the productivity.

How Can Professional Tools Help you in Monitoring?

Proper monitoring can help organizations to manage the workforce in a better way. It can help organizations to achieve the goals and increase the productivity. Here are the features of a good monitoring tool should have –

  1. Stealthy Monitoring: An employee may feel uncomfortable if he knows that he is being monitored continuously. It may affect his efficiency, and that is why a monitoring tool must work in a hidden way and should not let the employee know of it.
  2. Live Monitoring: Monitoring is best when it shows even the live activities. It helps the manager to act immediately in case of any wrongdoing.

  3. View the Previous Activities: If the administrator wants, then he must be able to watch the previous activities of the employees easily.

  4. Act if Needed: One important aim of the monitoring is to stop unwanted activities instantly. This is possible only if the manager can lock, restart, or log off a computer remotely.

  5. Provide Necessary Instructions: Occasionally, the manager must be able to send messages to the employee directly.

How can Employee Monitoring be Beneficial?

Employee monitoring is beneficial in following solutions –

  • Performance Review: Monitoring assists in enhancing performance as well as in increasing efficiency of the employees. Employers can review the daily working hours and take necessary actions to improve productivity by driving employees to get involved in business works only. In fact, employee desktop monitoring is essential in any company where the employees spend most of their time in unrequired activities – even the feeling that they are being monitored by the senior authority can help in increasing the productivity.
  • Productivity Measures: Any activities such as web-browsing, personal usage of office e-mail, and excessive internet usage decreases employees’ performance and affect the total productivity of the organization. Desktop monitoring can be very beneficial in putting an end to all such activities. Recent research conducted by many IT experts suggest that employees don’t misuse the available resources in non- productive jobs if they are monitored.
  • Time Wastage in Office Hours: Employee desktop monitoring helps to know about attendance (and related parameters like login/logout, the first & the last computer use), and get details of personal Internet usage, software use, active & idle time and more. By deploying a monitoring software that work in the background, administrators can learn about application usages also. By implementing a monitoring system, you are also in position to watch and record information about document usage – which documents are accessed and the duration of their access. So, you get the actual picture of the progress of the work assigned.
  • Cyberslacking and Other Distractions: Some employees have low-performance levels because of different distractions. They often lose the focus because of some distractions. The real-time monitoring helps to identify such employees and advise them to remain focused on the assignment. With the proper and effective use of an employee monitoring system, it gets easy to find out personal Internet usage, idle time, unnecessary wastage of time, etc.

Some Additional Advantages of Employee Monitoring

It is hard to deny the fact that in the present IT age, intellectual properties such as software codes, trade secrets, and marketing strategies are the asset for any business. Any misuse of company resources and digital assets can adversely affect the organization. So, it becomes essential for administrators to be alert about undesired activities and potential threats in the IT environment. Employee Monitoring Software is helpful for this also.

With Computer Monitoring software, it gets a lot easier for administrators to keep a close observation on the desktop activities of each employee. Acting as a surveillance camera, it helps in maintaining regular records of all the activities performed by an employee. In a word, computer monitoring software is extremely useful in improving employees’ productivity.