How Does a Monitoring Tool Help in Business Growth?

Megha Sharma
Megha Sharma | Updated On - 13 Aug 2020 |

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Employee Monitoring Software is becoming popular with almost all IT-based organizations. By employee monitoring, we mean having a full eye on the activities of employee desktops for quick supervision or security check, and for avoiding any undesired activity during the work time.

In all sectors, whether start-ups, small or big organizations such as software development firms, SMBs, Accounting firms, AECs, law firms, remote organizations, etc., the monitoring tools are widely used.

Let us have a deep analysis of the best employee monitoring software and how it can help in business growth.

Why Do We Install Monitoring Software?

The basic objectives of installing Employee Monitoring Software are provided below:

  • For monitoring the employee activities on their systems
  • For getting an idea about employee productivity during the work time
  • For keeping a record of all activities performed by the employees
  • For improving the processes in the organization
  • For keeping an eye on the employee for any data security breach
  • For reviewing the tasks and the progressive level

How does an Employee Monitoring Software Work?

After purchasing the employee monitoring tool and installing it on a server system, you can add the desired employee systems for the monitoring. Also, using its advanced settings, you can perform monitoring as per your requirements.

How Does the Monitoring Tool Help in Business Growth?

There are many benefits for using employee monitoring tool in organizations, apart from those mentioned above. It facilitates financial growth as well as business growth. Here are the main factors on which the employee monitoring tool has a direct impact.

  • Reduced Supervision: A good employee monitoring software eliminates the need for manual checks and supervisions, and thus eliminates the requirement of extra manpower for supervising the employees’ activities. A single one-time cost is always economical than regular expenses for multiple surveillance systems.
  • Time Management: With the direct information on employees’ ongoing tasks activities, the management can keep new tasks ready in the pipeline. Thus, with effective time management, the business would grow faster.
  • Focus on the Task: As the monitoring software is keeping an eye over all the system activities performed by the employees, the performer remains focused all the time on the given task. There is no space to sit idle or think as the employee knows he is continuously being monitored. So, the focus is entirely on work, which results in the quality and efficiency of work.
  • Improved Productivity: The increase in productivity leads to an increase in profits. The cutting of unproductive activities by the employees and idle time because of employee monitoring leads to improved performance of the employees. So, organizations are keen to increase employee productivity with user activity monitoring.
  • Security There is no risk of a security breach or unethical transfer of data by any employee after the installation of employee monitoring tool. You can send alerts or even shut down the employee system using this tool. This protection would eliminate the chances of data loss.

Signs of a Good Employee Monitoring System

Before installing an employee monitoring system, an organization should ensure that it has the following facilities:

  • It can monitor any number of systems within the organization.
  • It should be suitable to monitor the systems in different geographical areas.
  • It should monitor the systems without any interruptions
  • It can be customized by different settings like picture quality, notification settings, recordings saving path, etc.
  • It should be easy to work with.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is a monitoring application which incorporates all the above-mentioned exclusive qualities of a good employee monitoring system. It installs agents on any number of systems within the organization. It facilitates dual-screen monitoring, warns users, and even allows supervisors to shut down or restart the system in a state of emergency. Also, it facilitates invisible monitoring, and much more. Get an idea of the advanced features of the software working with the demo-version of the tool.