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Hard Drive Recovery Cost

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Nastiest thing happens when you lose all your important stuff, for instance project database, client documents, large GB of emails, worthy files and folders, entire inventory data, or your cherished photographs, videos, pictures, etc. This actually becomes reality when hard drive crashes badly. All data residing in the system suddenly becomes inaccessible or gets lost, the drive partitions shows 0KB of data storage. A situation like this is really a disaster that adds to disappointment.

Simply going for any hard drive data recovery is not a good option. These days hard drive recovery arena is a booming industry. No doubt they recover productively from the damaged drives but what about the cost they charge for their recovery software? Cost is a major concern for the users; after all they can’t JUST spend their penny. How about recovering the stuff on our own without spending a single penny?

First of all clear your concepts regarding data corruption, damage and the recovery. Basically there are two types of hardware failures physical and logical failure.

Physical failures constitute mechanical and electronic failures. These includes spindle motor failure, excessive heating leading to hard disk damage, a grinding noise, breakage of disk, etc.

Logical failures are result of file system corruption, software malfunction, unexpected system shutdown, accidental deletion of files, registry corruption or something like that.

One should not panic on eruption of hard drive failure. If the failure is logical failure then one can try some tricks for repairing the flaws manually. If you act meticulously and you are having proper knowledge, then you can get back your data quite easily. It should be noted that manual recovering is successful only in case of minor corruptions.

Let’s try our hand in recovering and restoring the lost data.

Firstly, go for Use Scan Disk or CHKDSK. These are in-built utility that helps in recovering the inaccessible data. Running Scandisk corrects the FAT table on bad drive.

Secondly, one can reinstall the Operating System. Install Windows OS on a new hard drive after formatting it. Attach the new drive as Master and bad drive as Slave to copy all the important files.

If you are done with recovering the data manually, then you have really saved your bucks from being spent on high chargeable data recovery software. It’s a good gesture when you save on data recovery cost. If nothing happened after trying these tricks then you are compelled to go for data recovery software.

Analyzing hard drive recovery cost

You must not be the victim of pitfall software that just does nothing as it claim and fetches handsome amount from the users. Try Beware of fraudsters data recovery software that writes anything to the damaged disk and your valuable data gets lost big time.

Go for reputed data recovery software that aims at what it says and that is reasonable too at the same time. A cost wise, quality wise, in terms of effectiveness and reliability, Kernel for windows data recovery software is the only name that lives up to all the expectations as one can expect from a professional recovery company. With its free demo version you can perform data recovery from the corrupt and damaged hard drives. Scan your drive and see the recovered files and folders.

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