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Lost important files from your Windows, and now looking for a free and reliable solution to recover those files? Here, we have the best free Windows data recovery software for you.

We have to admit that data backup is very crucial in the Windows operating system because a disaster can occur anytime. But, when we accidentally delete a data permanently without having its backup, it becomes a headache to retrieve it.

See, there are no easy manual methods to retrieve permanently deleted data from the Windows operating system. So, Windows users often look for a solution that can offer smooth recovery of deleted data without any loss or interruption.

Why Users Trust Kernel for Windows Data Recovery?

Amongst multiple solutions available in the market for Windows data recovery, Kernel for Windows Data Recovery has proved to be the best data recovery software. Don’t trust our words only; look for yourself at the below reviews.

  • Softpedia has given 4.5 stars to the software by justifying that it takes minimum time to recover deleted data.Award by Softpedia
  • CNET has given a rating of 5 stars to the software by studying its pros and cons, and by declaring it as a superb utility for Windows data recovery.Award by CNET
  • Rose M, a software engineer, and product reviewer have termed it as the most reliable software for windows data recovery by giving a rating of 5 - Awards
  • According to Capterra, Kernel Windows Data Recovery is a lifesaver when it comes to restoring permanently deleted data from your system.Capterra Awards
  • According to these software reviews sites, Kernel for Windows Data Recovery is the highest-rated software, by experts as well as normal users.

    But what makes this free data recovery software different from others? Let’s find it out by looking at the features and functionalities that it provides.

Recover All File Types

Kernel Free Data Recovery software is capable of recovering more than 1000 types of files from your system drives. A better description of the image is given in the below image.

What Kernel for Windows Data Recovery Free Version Offers?

Coming to features and functionalities, the list is pretty impressive, and we bet they are going to meet most of your Windows data recovery requirements.

  • Recover everything from Windows hard drives
  • Our data is stored in multiple forms like documents, images, songs, videos, emails, archives, etc., Though each file is necessary, sometimes we accidentally delete our data permanently, and it becomes almost impossible to recover that data. But, Kernel for Windows data recovery software offers complete recovery of permanently deleted items in every scenario. You can recover documents, images, songs, videos, and every other Windows file with this utility.

  • Retrieve data from corrupt hard disks
  • If you have ever come across a situation where your hard drive gets corrupt due to unknown reason, you might understand how frustrating that condition is. Well, Kernel for Windows Data Recovery allows you to retrieve data from corrupt hard disks as well.

  • Restore data from external drives
  • External drives like USB drives or memory cards often become inaccessible due to malware or some other reason. In such scenarios, retaining data from external drives is not that easy. But, with the Free Windows Data Recovery tool, you can easily access your external drive data too.

  • Preview recovered data
  • It’s always helpful to review the documents and files after restoration to ensure that you have retained the correct ones completely, but not every software offers the preview feature. Kernel for Windows Data Recovery allows you to preview the recovered files before saving them to your system.

  • Search for specific files
  • When we use a data recovery tool, it displays all the items deleted previously, which makes it difficult to restore the required data files. With this software, you get the Find feature that allows you to search for your required files among thousands of files.

    So, you get a clear overview of the features that make Kernel for Windows Data recovery stands out from the crowd. Now, it’s time to understand the working process of this software.

How Does Kernel for Windows Data Recovery Work?

As you know, it’s free software, and so there is a limitation of recovering data. You can only recover 2GB data free with Kernel for Windows Data Recovery software.

  1. Download and install the tool on your system.
  2. After launching the tool, select the scanning method to start scanning your system.Install the tool
  3. In the next step, select the drive from which you want to recover the data and click Next.Select the drive
  4. The software will start scanning the drive for deleted or missing files. The process will take some time depending upon the disk size.Scanning the drive
  5. Once the scanning is complete, it will display all the recovered folders in the left pane. You can select any folder, and then click a specific item to preview its content.displaying all the recovered folders in left pane
  6. Now, to save the recovered data, select the folder or file, and click Recover. You can also use the Find option to search for particular you can save the recovered data
  7. Select a location to save the recovered file and click OK.Select path to save it
  8. The software will start saving the files. Once it is complete, a notification will appear on your screen confirming the same. Click OK to end the process.saving the files
  9. That’s how you can quickly recover deleted data from your Windows system.

Wrap Up

Having a backup of your Windows data is crucial, but we cannot back up data daily, or should I say we don’t remember to backup every day. And in that time if something happens, then retrieving data becomes tricky. That’s why we talked about the best Free Windows Data Recovery software in this article so that you don’t have to pay any amount to restore your recently deleted data.

Kernel for Windows Data Recovery