Best Practices to Open MBOX File in Outlook 2016

Manisha Rawat    Manisha Rawat     Updated On - 23 Jul 2019

MBOX is basically a file format, mailbox file which saves a collection of emails in text form. Email clients like Apple Mail, Web Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora, Gnu, and many more use MBOX as file format. When user switches from Mac to Windows machines, they need to convert their mailbox data into Outlook compatible PST format.

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If you are an Outlook user, then you might be aware that you cannot open an MBOX file in Outlook directly. Then what is the procedure to open such a file? You can go either for a manual method, or you can install a tool for it. Let’s see how you can do it with the manual method in Thunderbird.

How to Open MBOX file in Outlook Manually from Thunderbird

  1. Open Thunderbird and configure your Gmail account through IMAP.
  2. Now create a new folder in Thunderbird where you can add the selective emails you want to open in Outlook.
  3. Select the emails you want to open in Outlook and move them to the new folder. You can simply drag and drop the selected files to the new folder or just follow the manual method.
  4. Now, open Outlook and select emails you want to add in Outlook.
  5. Drag selected emails to a new folder in Outlook or wherever you want to add those files. Now you can access those files in the new folder.

This is how you can follow the manual method to open an MBOX file in Outlook. However, the manual method is sometimes a big hassle because for that you need everything installed and configured at the same time. If it’s not, then you need to invest much time setting up everything. So, the better approach is that you install a tool like Kernel for MBOX to PST to convert the MBOX file to PST easily.

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How to Open MBOX File in Outlook with the help of Kernel for MBOX to PST

  1. Install and run the software.
  2. On the Source file selection window, select either one from ‘Select folder’ or ‘Select File’ and click on the Browse button.
  3. Select the MBOX folder and click on Ok.
  4. On the next window click on Finish.
  5. Now select a specific folder if you want or check all the folders and click on Save.
  6. Now it will ask to ‘Select the output type to save the recovered data,’ select PST file (MS Outlook) option and click on Next.
  7. On the next Window apply filters if require, let’s apply to Item type, and from the drop-down menu of Include select from three given options, let’s say Selected Only, it allows you to select the items of your choice.
  8. Now press Ctrl key and select multiple Items if you want or just select a single item and click on Next.
  9. A new window will pop up, where you can manage your recovered PST, there you can choose to split your file if needed and you can also add a Prefix to your file, do the needful and click on Next.
  10. On the next window, you will be asked to select the folder destination, Click on Browse.
  11. Select a destination, or you can make a new folder. Click on Ok.
  12. Click on Finish.
  13. You will get a confirmation that your file is saved successfully, click on Ok.

If you are facing any sort of trouble in opening MBOX file in Outlook, you can go for any of the method mentioned above. For ease, it is suggested to use Kernel for MBOX to PST tool, a software trusted by millions of customers worldwide. The Kernel provides the trial version of their software so that the customers can try and buy the product.

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