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Summary: I’ve received an MBOX file and need to review specific emails before reporting back to my manager. Could anyone recommend a secure and efficient method for converting this MBOX file to PST format? I’m currently away from the office and can only access Outlook on my laptop due to security and office policy constraints. This task is of utmost importance. Thanks Already!

MBOX serves as a text-based file format for storing an array of emails. Numerous email clients, including Apple Mail, WebMail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora, Gnu, and various others, adopt MBOX as their chosen file format. Users who switch from Mac to Windows must convert their mailbox data into Outlook compatible PST format.

For those who use Outlook, it’s important to note that opening an MBOX file directly within the program isn’t possible. You have two options: employ a manual approach or install a dedicated tool for this task.

Instant Solution

Download Kernel for MBOX to PST Converter, an automated tool to open MBOX file in Outlook 2019/2016/2013 in few easy steps.

Why do you need to Open MBOX Files in Outlook?

The MBOX file format is highly versatile and compatible with various email clients. However, there are situations where the need arises to access MBOX files using Outlook. The aforementioned problem is a common query among users. Additionally, some users might contemplate transitioning to a different email client due to the limitations associated with MBOX files.

What do these disadvantages entail? Let’s delve into them:

  • MBOX files are primarily compatible with open-source email clients, which may not offer the advanced features necessary for professional email communication.
  • Users have expressed frustration with file locking problems encountered when dealing with MBOX files, resulting in significant challenges when attempting to open and access their files.
  • MBOX files offer security but are prone to rapid corruption, posing a considerable challenge when seeking solutions for repair. Such instances can have various adverse effects on your professional life and work.
  • One common problem frequently encountered with MBOX files is their propensity to disrupt network file systems, leading to significant inconvenience during critical operations.

MBOX files present several challenges, prompting users to consider transitioning to alternative email clients. One popular choice among users is Outlook, which boasts widespread usage and a range of advanced functionalities. Let’s delve into these notable features:

  • Outlook enjoys widespread popularity among individuals and organizations alike, serving as a preferred choice for both personal and official communication needs. It offers a comprehensive range of advanced features tailored to meet the demands of enterprise-level communication.
  • Outlook offers a plethora of valuable features, including tasks, journals, notes, calendars, contacts, assignments, and more. These enhancements collectively elevate the user experience, making it unparalleled.
  • Outlook boasts superior security features compared to MBOX, offering enhanced data protection. One notable feature is its unique password security option, allowing senders to safeguard their data effectively.
  • Outlook’s robust anti-spam feature effectively filters out most spam emails from infiltrating your mailbox. Nevertheless, it doesn’t eliminate them entirely; instead, it relocates emails it suspects as spam to the Junk Emails folder, a designated repository for such messages.

Now, let’s explore the motivations behind a user’s decision to transition to Outlook. Moving forward, we will delve into the process of opening MBOX files using Outlook.

How to Open MBOX file in Outlook Manually from Thunderbird
  1. Launch Thunderbird and set up your Gmail account using IMAP.
  2. Please establish a fresh directory within Thunderbird for organizing the specific emails you intend to view in Outlook.
    Create new folder in Thunderbird
  3. Choose the emails you wish to access in Outlook, and then relocate them to the new folder. You can either effortlessly drag and release the chosen emails into the new folder or opt for the manual method.
    Select MBOX file and move them to new folder
  4. Begin by launching Outlook and then choose the specific emails you wish to incorporate into your Outlook account.
    Open Outlook and select email to open
  5. Move the chosen emails to a new folder within Outlook or any location of your preference to include these files. Subsequently, you can conveniently access these files within the newly created folder.
    Now you can access files in new folder

Opening MBOX files in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 through the manual process can often prove to be quite cumbersome. This is primarily due to the requirement of having all the necessary components installed and configured simultaneously. Failing to meet these prerequisites can result in a significant time investment in setting up everything correctly. Therefore, a more efficient approach is to install a specialized tool like Kernel for MBOX to PST which simplifies the process of opening MBOX files in Outlook.

How to Open MBOX File in Outlook With the Help of Professional Tool
  1. Please proceed to install and execute the software.
  2. In the Source file selection window, choose between ‘Select folder’ or ‘Select File,’ then click the Browse button.Click on brows button to select file
  3. Choose the MBOX folder and then press the “Ok” button.
    Select MBOX folder and click ok
  4. Click “Finish” on the following window.
    Click on finish
  5. Choose a particular folder if desired or select all folders, then proceed to click on the “Save” button.
    Select a specific folder
  6. It will prompt you to choose the output format for saving the recovered data. Select the “PST file (MS Outlook)” option and then click “Next.”
    Select PST file as an output option
  7. In the following window, you can apply filters as needed. To do so, navigate to the “Item Type” section and, within the dropdown menu labeled “Include,” select one of the three available options: “Selected Only.” This option grants you the flexibility to pick and choose the items that suit your preferences.
    Apply filter option
  8. To proceed, you can either hold down the Ctrl key and choose multiple items or simply select a single item and then click “Next.”
  9. A fresh window will appear, offering you the opportunity to oversee your retrieved PST file. If necessary, you can divide the file and apply a prefix to it. Perform the necessary actions and then proceed by clicking “Next.”
    Manage your recovered PST
  10. In the upcoming window, you’ll need to choose the folder destination. Simply click the “Browse” button.
    Select the folder destination
  11. Choose a destination for your selection, or alternatively, create a new folder. Then, proceed by clicking “OK.”
    Select a destination or create new folder
  12. Please select the “Finish” option.
    Click on finish
  13. Once your file is successfully saved, you will receive a confirmation message. Simply click “Ok” to proceed.
    MBOX files save into Outlook successfully


If you need to access MBOX file data in Outlook, the recommended approach is to convert the MBOX file to PST, as explained earlier. Given the limitations of manual conversion methods, the Kernel for MBOX to PST Converter tool emerges as the most efficient solution. This tool allows you to convert multiple MBOX files into Outlook simultaneously. To evaluate its capabilities, you can try the free trial version, which provides a preview of the conversion or migration process with certain limitations. This trial version is available on the website, enabling you to test it before considering the purchase of a licensed version.

Q- I dragged an entire folder, but I found out that it was empty. The emails were not moved using the method. Should I manually move each email?

A- If the drag-&-drop method does not work, then the manual method is not correct for you. So, you should use the software to move emails.

Q- Can I connect Exchange account in Thunderbird and move them to Outlook?

A- It will an indirect method to move emails. You should connect Exchange in Outlook and move Thunderbird emails then.

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