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Data loss or corruption scenarios do not depend on large-scale or low-scale organizations. It can take place anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. There have been many catastrophic data loss cases in the past that took place with the most minute errors from technicians, due to which the organizations are much more attentive as they had to bear losses financially as well as crucial data theft.

In worst-case scenarios relating to the virtual environment, the data store or VHD gets deleted or corrupt and all complete data goes inaccessible. There are many VHD recovery methods that claim 100% data recovery of deleted VHD files and its related data which is no longer in the recycle bin. But, there are still many cases such as high-level corruption or damage, where recovery becomes impossible. In these cases, you can simply use one of the world’s best free VHD recovery tools today i.e. Kernel VHD/VHDX Viewer.

Exclusive Features and Benefits of Using Kernel VHD/VHDX Viewer

  1. Recovers VHD, VHDX Partitions, Deleted Files & Folders: The VHD/VHDX Viewer software majorly focuses to recover corrupt, accidentally deleted, inaccessible, or damaged Virtual Hard Disk partitions or VHD/VHDX files. The utility is capable of recovering data back to its original structure and state. One can painlessly restore data from the empty Recycle bin or permanently wiped out space.
  2. Extracts Data from Formatted VHD/VHDX Partitions:The VHD Recovery tool is here is to restore complete data from the formatted partitions of the virtual machine data VHD or VHDX drives. It supports FAT and NTFS files system and extracts data from formatted partitions. There is no file size limitation to recover VHD files with this tool.
  3. Preview and Configure Settings for Recovery: At times users want to recover specific data from recovered VHD or VHDX partitions with help of the settings feature. It provides advanced options that can save your time such as read sectors in one attempt, includes or exclude deleted files, renames, overwrites, skips duplicate items. Users can preview complete recovered data items.
Recover VHD with Free VHD Recovery Tool:

The free VHD Recovery tool or Kernel VHD/VHDX Viewer tool lets users recover data from healthy and corrupt or inaccessible VHD/VHDX files free and lets them view desired content in its original structure and properties.

To save the recovered Virtual Hard Disk files, you need to purchase the Kernel for VHD Recovery tool from its official buy page.

Once you have purchased the full version of the Kernel for VHD Recovery tool, here are the following steps you should perform as this procedure as best chance of getting back your VHD partition after the recovery.

STEP 1: Launch the Kernel for VHD Recovery software, click the Select button and browse your system to select the desired VHD file for recovery.

Now, after selecting the desired file, choose the scanning mode as per your requirement.

Select the VHD File to Recover

STEP 2: After scanning, you will see a list of drives, select the one you want to recover, and click Next.

Select the drives you want to recover

STEP 3: Select the partition that is corrupt within the selected drive and hit the Scan button.

Scan the corrupt partition

STEP 4: You can view a complete preview of recovered data before recovery and perform your personal analysis.

Preview of recovered data

STEP 5: Click Recover and your files will be saved to your preferred location.

Save recovered data

Final Words:

There are many hindrances that occur with Virtual Machines from time to time, but you have to stay still and patient enough to deal with worst-case scenarios. If you react to VHD/VHDX loss or corruption issues without thinking about a possible best solution, you might face severe problems. Therefore, think before you react and do your study for solving the issues.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q- Give differences between Kernel VHD/VHDX Viewer and Kernel for VHD Recovery tool?

A- Kernel VHD/VHDX Viewer tool recovers data from corrupted VHD, VHDX files and offers its content preview free. While using the Kernel for VHD Recovery tool, you can recover VHD/VHDX file data, preview it and save desired content at the specified destination folder path.

Kernel VHD/VHDX Viewer tool is available free to download while you need to purchase the Kernel for VHD Recovery tool online.

Q- Which Virtual Hard Disk file formats supported by the professional tool?

A- The advanced Kernel for VHD Recovery tool supports all types of VHD and VHDX files for profound recovery and saving at the desired destination location.

Q- Are there any manual ways to recover data from corrupt VHD files?

A- Know two simple methods to repair damaged and corrupt VHD files manually which include creating a Virtual Server and user of PowerShell commands.

Q- What data can be previewed without saving from VHD file?

A- Using the free Kernel VHD/VHDX Viewer tool, you can recover corrupted or lost VHD or VHDX file data and have desired content preview in detail which can be any document or files from all folders exclusively.

Q- What is the difference between VHD and VMDK files?

A- VMDK is a disk image file created by Virtual Machines and VHD is the Virtual Hard Disk file with the copy of data available in the physical hard drive of a Virtual Machine on the host system. Get in more details about the difference between VHD and VMDK files.

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