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Author: Lambert Butler

A step beyond ‘delete’ to beat any recovery program

File Shredding by

When you delete a file and think it’s gone for good, it may not be the case. “Delete” is actually Read More

Describing an easiest way to unlock PDF

PDF Tools by

As far as data security is concerned, files with .pdf extension are considered the best. In fact, today, .pdf has Read More

Restricting Access to Programs with AppLocker in Windows7

Computer Tips and Tricks by

AppLocker- a new feature of Windows7 is the best solution for people, who share their computer with other users and Read More

Add Run as Administrator to Any File Type in Windows 7

Computer Tips and Tricks by

Many a times we come across zipped files and folders owing to their large file size. In that case we Read More

BitLocker To Go Encrypts Portable Flash Drives in Windows 7

Computer Tips and Tricks by

Initially, BitLocker was introduced in Windows Vista that would only encrypt the root operating system drive. With advancement in the Read More

Troubleshooting of Outlook Express Mail Sending Problems

Email Recovery by

Through this article we will discuss on some vital troubleshooting tips of Outlook Express. When you try sending/receiving an email, Read More

Make Exchange Server Working More Easy and Secure

Solving Exchange Server Errors by

Microsoft Exchange Server is a comprehensive, complex, and powerful messaging and collaborative utility whose proper maintenance is must for working Read More

Where is my .PAB File?

Computer Tips and Tricks by

Outlook stores your Personal Address Book information in a PAB file. There are times when you may need to copy Read More

GroupWise Archive Converter

Email Migration by

Archives are often termed as important records. In Novell GroupWise, the archives are usually created to minimize the size of Read More

How to prevent Access Database Corruptions?

MS Access Database Repair by

While working with MS Access databases, nothing is more frustrating than the corruption of mdb database files storing all your Read More