How to tackle error "Database needs to be repaired"?

MS Access is widely used database management platform which is proficient for storage of limited amount of data and is therefore apt for individual needs. The MS access database when created is saved with extension .MDB and these .MDB files need to be safely stored as they contain crucial data. But consequences of sudden mishaps like virus intrusion, accidental system shutdown, storage media corruption; software malfunctioning, etc. often generates error like:

"The database . needs to be repaired or isn't a database file"

Popping up of such an error message symbolizes that any kind of issue has occurred within the Access Jet engine. MS Access tries and handles the error issues on its end first and if it fails to do so then generates error messages. Therefore, this error indicates that MS Access has tried its hand on resolving the issue but has failed.

Usually, it occurs when the Access jet engine recognizes basic structure as well as significant definitions of the MDB database but experiences issues in table data or table definition. However, if the table definitions are unrecoverable then a message saying 'Unrecognized data format' is popped up on the screen. Upon clicking the 'Ok' button another message pops up which says "Database abc.mdb can't be repaired or isn't a MS Office Access database file".

Occurrence of the series of these pop up errors shows that the MS access has tried its level best to handle and repair the error issues but has somehow failed. This error probably is Microsoft Jet and DAO error having error code 2239. Only solution to resolve this error is the use of a commercial access repair software utility.

Although there are numerous of such commercial tools available in competitive IT market nowadays but a right one should be chosen suiting your needs and requirements. More importantly, the version that the access repair software supports for Windows and MS access should be the same which you are using. All such factors should be kept in mind before investing money into the utility.

Kernel for Access is quite proficient software to deal with all kind of erroneous situations easily and effectively. It fights mishaps and recover the table structure from MDB and ACCDB files of MS access. Also, it recovers back the lost data, original date format, table relationships, OLE data, etc. quite efficaciously. Using this utility, the users can even restore password-protected database files with ease. A free evaluation version of the software is available which can be used to analyze the worth of the software. After judging its performance you can purchase the licensed version of the software with full functionality.

To repair the corrupt MS Access database files, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open Kernel for Access.
  2. Click on Select File to add the corrupt or damaged MDB file select file
  3. Browse to the pathm select the file, and click Open. open file
  4. Now that you have selected the corrupt or damaged MS Access Database (MDB) file, click on Repair button to initiate repair process. click repair button
  5. Wait while the repair process completes. repair process completes Note: Click Stop to halt the process immediately.
  6. Once the file is repaired, all MDB database file items will be displayed, as shown below. Now, click Save to recover the data, save recover data Note:You can preview each object by clicking on it.
  7. Browse for a file saving location and click Save. browse for saving file
  8. Upon successful saving, you can check the recovered MS Access MDB database file. check the recovered MS Access MDB database file

You've recovered the damaged MS Access MDB database file successfully.

Kernel for Access Database Repair