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Microsoft Publisher Recovery Software successfully reconstructs corrupted PUB files and fix corruption in MS Publisher documents. Kernel Publisher recovery utility tool successfully repairs and restores corrupt .pub file and retrieve maximum possible data from the publisher file.


HELP MANUAL - Kernel for Publisher - Recovery software to recover contents from corrupt or damaged publisher .pub files.

1. Introduction

     1.2 Features
     1.3 Requirements

2. Installation and Un-Installation

    2.1 Install Kernel Publisher
    2.2 Un-Install Kernel Publisher

3. Nucleus Kernel for Publisher

     3.1 Menu Bar
     3.2 Tool Bar
     3.3 Using Kernel Publisher

  • The Rich Text Format
  • The Publisher Format

4. Purchase and Update

     4.1 Purchase Kernel Publisher
     4.2 Update Kernel Publisher

5. Support

6. Thank You



File corruptions can take place anytime. It can be your valuable data, tables, marketing material or pictures of your loved ones made on publishing software like MS Publisher. Are you ready to face them?

System crashes can be resolved but important data files are difficult to recreate. Nucleus has the solution - Nucleus Kernel for Publisher.

Nucleus Kernel for Publisher effectively repairs your corrupted publisher (.pub) files. The graphics, data and the word art images are repaired by the software easily. It’s a helpful utility for every person who works on the designing tool – Microsoft Publisher.

We assure that you will not regret the decision of purchasing Nucleus Kernel for Publisher.


  • Supports all Versions

To repair the Publisher files, Kernel for Publisher supports every version of MS Publisher-2000, Publisher 2002, and Publisher 2003

  • Recovers Images and Word Art

All the images saved in the .gif, .jpeg, .bmp and other formats are easily restored by the software. It also recovers the Word Art images of Microsoft.

  • Preview of the Repaired files

To ensure the data repaired, Kernel for Publisher displays preview of the data in the .rtf format before saving it.

  • Saving the repaired files

Kernel for Publisher enables you to save the repaired files in two ways: Rich text format (.rtf) or in Publisher (.pub) format.



Nucleus Kernel for Publisher needs basic minimum configuration settings in terms of operating system, computer processor and memory. The pre-requisites are as follows:

System Requirements

  • MS Publisher should be installed on your system.
  • 64 megabytes RAM
  • Pentium-class processor
  • Enough space to save the recovered data; for example, if you expect to recover 40 MB lost data, the Good Device should have at least 40 MB free space.

Supported Publisher Versions

  • MS Publisher 2003
  • MS Publisher 2002
  • MS Publisher 2000

Installation and Un-Installation

Kernel for publisher can be easily installed or un-installed from your computer systems.

Install Kernel Publisher

To install the software, perform the following steps:

  • Download the Nucleus Kernel for Publisher setup from the website.
  • Save the Setup.exe at a desired location of your system.
  • Double click the Setup.exe from the saved location.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. The setup install completion screen is displayed.
  • Click Finish, the homepage of Nucleus Kernel for Publisher software is displayed.

Note : Close all your Microsoft office files before installing the software otherwise the software itself closes the Word, Excel, Powerpoint files.

The Nucleus Kernel Publisher is successfully installed.

Un - Install Kernel Publisher

The Nucleus Kernel for Publisher can be un-installed from your system in two ways:

  • From the Windows Start Menu
  • From the Control Panel

Note : Before Un-installing, make sure that the Nucleus Kernel Publisher – File Repair software is not running.

From the Windows Start menu

To un-install Kernel Publisher perform the following steps:

  • Click the Start button from the Windows menu.
  • Click All Programs > Nucleus Kernel Publisher > Uninstall Nucleus Kernel Publisher.
  • The warning message before un-installing will be displayed on the screen. Click Yes to Uninstall the software.

The software is un-installated from your system.

From the Control Panel

To un-install Kernel Publisher perform the following steps:

  • Click Start Menu > Control Panel and then double click the Add or Remove Programs icon.
  • Select the Nucleus Kernel Publisher and click Remove.
  • A warning message before un-installing the software will be displayed on the screen. Click Yes to un-install the software.

The software is un-installed from your system.

Nucleus Kernel for Publisher

Menu Bar

The following are the Menu options of the Nucleus Kernel Publisher:

The Files Menu

add menu

add Add:- Adds the corrupted Publisher files for repairing.

save Save:- Saves all the repaired Files.

exit Exit:- Exits the software.


The Tools Menu


setting icon Setting:- Changes the prefix of the repaired file name.

live update Live Update:- Updates the current software with the available version in the Nucleus server.


The Help Menu

help menu

help Help:- Displays help for the software.

home page Software Home Page:- Displays home page of the software.

about About Nucleus Kernel Publisher:- Displays the version and other information related to the software.


Tool Bar

The following are the Tool bar options of the Nucleus Kernel Publisher:

add files Add Files:- Adds corrupted Publisher file.

repair Repair Files:- Starts the process of repairing.

save Save Files:- Saves the Repaired file.

settings Settings:- Changes the prefix of the repaired file name.

live update Live Update:- Updates your current software with the latest version available on the Nucleus Server.


Using Nucleus Kernel Publisher

Follow the steps to use the Nucleus Kernel Publisher:

Step 1:

Open the Nucleus Kernel Publisher- File Repair Software.

publisher main page

Step 2:

Click the Browse button to add the corrupted Publisher files.

Note: You can also add the corrupted files from the Files menu and from the Next button at the right bottom of the software.

The following screen will be displayed on the screen:

select files

Step 3:

Select the corrupted Publisher file and click Open.

Step 4:

Click the Repair button.

Note: Nucleus Kernel for Publisher prompts you to close all your MS Word and MS Publisher files
before beginning the process of repairing.

The process of repairing the corrupted Publisher files starts.

repairing process

Note: You can stop the process by clicking the Stop button at the right bottom of the software.

After the repairing process gets completed, Nucleus Kernel Publisher displays the repaired data in a rich text format (.rtf).

recovered file

Step 5:

Click the Save button to open the dialogue box for saving the files.

Note: You can also click the Next button to open the Save dialogue box.

save dialogue box

Step 6:

Select the desired location and click OK.

The screen with Saving options is displayed. Nucleus Kernel Publisher enables you to save your recovered files in two formats: Publisher Format and Rich Text Format .


Select the appropriate option and click OK.

Note 1
If you select the Publisher (.pub) format for saving then Nucleus Kernel Publisher will display preview of the repaired file in Microsoft Publisher and if .rtf saving option is selected the preview is in rich text format.

Note 2
You can stop the process of saving the files by clicking the Stop button at the right bottom of the software.

Step 7:

The message of successfully saving the file is displayed on the screen.

save succesfull

Click OK to exit the software or click cancel to continue with the saving process.

If you click Cancel, Nucleus Kernel Publisher will provide you with the option to modify the saving format. If you have selected the .rtf option previously then here you can select the .pub option or the vice-versa.

The file repairing process is complete.

The Rich Text Format

If you wish to view your repaired file in a MS Word like format you can select to save the files in the Rich Text Format (.rtf). This option will display the content with more richness and accuracy.

The Publisher Format

The Publisher (.pub) format displays your repaired file in the Microsoft Publisher format itself and saves the time of converting the file from the .rtf format.


Purchase and Update

Purchase Nucleus Kernel Publisher

If you want to save your repaired files, you must then purchase the Nucleus Kernel Publisher - File Repairing software.

You can the software Online (encrypted and secure site).


Payment and Delivery

  • Payment methods include credit card, bank wire transfer, check and cash. For other methods, please, e-mail us at
  • You will be able to download full version of the software immediately after placing the order.
Update Nucleus Kernel Publisher

The software can be easily updated with its new version just by a single click.

Step 1:

Click Tools Menu > Live Update or click the Live-update button in the toolbar. The upgrading process will start.


Step 2:

Click Start button to update the software.

The download process of the software begins and the software is upgraded with the latest version available on Nucleus server.



Nucleus provides round the clock support to solve the technical and non-technical problems of its valuable customers.

Web Support


There is an extensive knowledgebase which deals with common queries related to the Data Repairing Software and services.

Vsit us at knowledgebase:

Online Help

If you have any queries while using the Nucleus Kernel Publisher, you can visit our online help to solve and find answers to your questions.

For Online Help, visit us at:

Chat Support

You can also get the help from our experts online by visiting our Chat support section. You can communicate directly to our experts online.

For Chat Support visit us at:

Telephone Support

Software Helpline :

Indian Helpline :


Thank You

Thank you for believing in us and selecting Nucleus Kernel for Publisher to repair your corrupted Publisher files.

Nuleus kernel Publisher proves beneficial to the publishing industry, designing experts and small business owners as well.

The software can easily repair the damaged marketing material, websites, calendars, greeting cards and much more. It is also compatible with the other MS Office applications and is simple to use.

We promise to provide you with the best products and services.


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We HELP you Recover your data from Corrupted Publisher Files - Kernel Publisher Recovery tool successfully repairs and restores corrupt pub file and retrieve maximum possible data from the publisher file. Microsoft Publisher repair software successfully recovers corrupted .pub files and fix corruption in MS Publisher files.


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